SuPrajanan-Planning Pregnancy For BEST CHILD

Life long health of our children (progeny) depends upon the out look, life style and behaviour of the parents. It is necessary that newly married couples may provided the scientific guidance to create awareness and cultivate in them the characteristics of positive life. “supraja janan” (garbha sanskar), as conceptualised in ayurveda, involves the preparation of the couple planning pregnancy, three months prior to conception.

Pregnancy should be by choice, and not by chance. The program begins with basic panch karma and yoga for the purification of the gametes (sperm and ovum). If the couple is not in a state of mental stability and calmness, even if they are physically fit, they cannot give birth to a healthy child. This mental calmness and stability (“sathwa guna”) of mind is closely related to ones food habits and many other factors. Abstinence from spicy foods and addictive substances is advised.

It is now universally proven that the foetus is not just a mindless mass of flesh, but a highly responsive and evolving human being, capable of receiving, understanding and responding to external stimuli. It therefore, follows that the foetus has a right to receive positive and enriching feedback or garbha sanskar. Ayurveda prescribe a particular daily practice for the pregnant woman. Along with the prescription for diet, yoga and routine body care, instructions are also given for reading material, subjects of discussion, and music and mantras to be listened to.

Development of parent-foetus bonding :
The techniques involve meditation, autosuggestion, self-hypnosis, and visualisation (including the highly-effective white light visualisation and benevolence beaming technique), establishing a dialogue with the foetus. The main requirement to transmit ‘good values’ is to establish communication with the baby in the womb. Thoughts and feelings of the parents affect the baby. Even before the thought is expressed, it remains in an unexpressed form in the mind. At that time, its wavelength is the shortest and its energy is at the maximum level. intentional, directed, selfless, unspoken thoughts lead to maximum sanskar on the foetus.

Effect of music & mantra:
It is also proved that foetus also responds to the music and mantra. From the seventh month onwards, foetus can hear the sounds from mothers womb and from the surroundings of mother and also responds to them. Sound of mother’s heartbeats is the first and nearest sound heard by the foetus and hence when the mother takes her crying child close to her the child stops crying and becomes calm. It is possible to give energy for the development of body mind and spirit of the child in the womb by listening to special music.

The sound of the veena (indian string instrument which is held by the goddess saraswati), flute and samaveda mantras gives health to the pregnant woman and the child within. Some music cassettes and cd’s –like “garbh sanskar : blessings for the new arrival”, “garbha sangeet” are available.

Lifestyle of of the mother-to-be :
It is unadvisable for the pregnant woman to watch the electronic media programs depicting scenes of horrer, murder, and violence. It can produce negative effect on the child’s character in future. During pregnancy she should keep company only with people who have a favorable influence over her. She should read fine literature, look at the beautiful works of art, listen to soft music, contemplate pleasant landscapes and have only positive and constructive thoughts.

Herbal medication:
Specifically medicated ghee and food supplements are recommended in the 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th and 9th months of pregnancy. This anti-natal care is known as masanumasic ayurvedic care. asparagus racemosus (shatavari) is regarded divine (narayani) herb always recommended for primipara ladies. It increases resistance power during and after delivery. Milk should be cooked with shatavari and then taken orally.

The herbal ghee preparation ‘kalyanakam ghrut’ is used in the 4th & 5th months. This ghee is to be taken every day during this period and the dose is one tablespoon. It is supposed to be effective in the development of mental faculties of the growing foetus. It also helps in the development of all bodily systems in the foetal baby. More over it prevents congenital abnormalities. This ghee prevents anemia in mother. Ayurvedic ghee and food supplements also help to a full term normal delivery.
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