Panchkarma-At A Glance

panchkarma at a glance
Panchkarma means five karmas (procedures) for treatment of root cause of disease and creating a balance of Tridoshas in the body .Panchkarma not only cures the disease but also maintains total health of the body in perfect and excellent manner.
Panchkarma is a science developed by Ancient Ayurvedic Acharyas for purification of the body,because vitiation of doshas beyond a particular level produces endotoxins which tend to accumulate in the sarotasa (minute channels) of the body which are to be removed for maintaining disease free health which is done by Panchkarma and is called “Panchkarma chikitsa”.


1.POORVA KARMA (Prepration before panchkarma)
2.PRADHAN KARMA (Main procedures of panchkarma)

Before doing Panchkarma body is needed to be prepared according to procdures advised by Ancient Ayurvedic Acharyas for encouraging the body to let go of the toxins.

These procedures are:-
1.Paachan karma (Digestion)
2.Sanehan(Internal and external oleation)

PAACHAN KARMA(Digestion):-
Ayurvedic drugs for proper digestion of the body should be given.
Eg:- • Agnitundi vati • Agnikumar ras • Dravyad ras

Sanehan is one of the main poorva karma and is a specific treatment for vatic disorders. .Sanehan is done by massage of the body with ghee,oil,fats etc.Sanehan is to make smooth or to oleate.
Sanehan karma is of two types
1.Bahya sanehan(massage of the body with oils):-Oil is applied to the entire body with a particular type of massage which helps the toxins to move towards the gastro-intestinal tract. Oil massage also makes the superficial and deep tissues soft and supple. Snehan is given daily for three to seven days, as indicated.
2.Abayantar sanehan(Oral intake of Oils,ghee,fats through mouth for internal oleation)

SWEDAN KARMA(Fomentation):-
The procedure through which sweating is done is called swedan .It is one of the main procedures of panchkarma.
Procedure of panchkarma:- Sanehan is given daily for three to seven days, as indicated. Swedan is sudation or sweating and is given every day immediately following the snehan. An herbal concoction may be added to the steam to further loosen the toxins from the individual. Swedan liquefies the toxins and increases the movement of toxins into the gastro-intestinal tract. After three to seven days of snehan and swedan, the doshas become well “ripened”.

Five main procedures of Panchkarma are:-
1.Vaman(Emesis therapy)
3.Basti(Enema Therapy)
4.Nasya(Elimination of toxins through nose)
5.Rakta mokshan(Detoxification of blood)

VAMAN KARMA:- Emesis therapy
Defination :-
Elemination of doshas through mouth is known as vaman karma.
Drugs used for vaman karma:-
• Madanfal yog • Vach • Shanpushpi • Kadvi kundru • Kalanamak • Sendhnamaka• Vidnamakl • Audibhidlavan etc.
Headache • Dizziness • Nausea • Bronchitis • Chronic cold • Asthma Prameha • Indigestion • Pulmonary Tubertculosis • Diarrhoea • Anaemia• Stomatitis • Heart diseases • Kaphaj roga
Contra indications :-
• Not recommended below yhe age of 14 and above 65
• One week before menstruation
• Pregnancy
• Sensitive persons with too much fear grief ,anxiety
• Obese
• Lean
• Splenomegaly
• After exercise
• After sex.

VIRECHAN KARMA:-Purgation therapy
Elimination of toxins through anus is known as purgation therapy.
Drugs used for virechan karma:-
• Nisoth • Erand • Langli • Danti • Chitrak • Karanj • Kutki • Hard • Baheda • Amla
Indications for virechan karma:-
• Fever • Skin diseases • Ascites • Fissure • Piles • Splenomegaly • Goiter • Headache • Heart disease • Anorexia • Cough • Jaundice • Vomitting etc
Contra-indications for virechan karma:-
• Anal trauma • Weak • Lean • Low agni • Diarrhoea • Pulmonary tuberculosis • Obese • Oid person • .Child • Severe constipation • Proplased rectum • Ulcerative Colitis

BASTI:- Enema therapy
Introduction of herbal concoctions of oil and certain other herbal preprations in liquid medium into the rectum is known as basti karma.
Basti can also be given through vagina and urethra it is called utar basti.
Basti is most effective in vataj disorders,vata is a very active principle in pathogenesis control of vata by vasti karma cures vast majority of disease
• Constipation • Chronic fever • Cold • Sexual disorders • Kidney stones • Heart pain • Back ache • Sciatica • Pains in the joints • Headaches
Types of Basti:-
There are eight main types of basti
1. Anuvasan basti:- Oil is used for giving enema for cure of vata disorders.
2. Niruha-Asthapan basti:-Decoction of herbs is used for giving enema.It is used for evacuation of vata,gastro-intestinal vata disorders,gout,certain urine problems,pain,hyperacidity.
3. Uttara basti:-It is given through the urethra in men and through vagina in women.It is given in semen and ovulation disorders,painful urination and bladder infections.
4. Mattra basti:-Daily use of oil enema is called uttara basti.It is used in persons emaciated by overwork,too much exercise,walking too long distance,too much sexual activity,chronic vata disorders.
5. Karma basti:-I t is a schedule of 30 basti’s
6. Kala basti:-It is aschedule of 15 basti’s,10 oil and 5 decoction basti’s.
7. Yoga basti:-It is a schedule of 8 basti’s,5 oil and 3 decoction.
8. Bruhana basti:-It is a nutritional enema for providing deep nutrition in selected conditions.

NASYA KARMA: Nasal administration
Administration of herbal drugs in liquid or powder form through nose is known as nasya karma.mose is the doorway to brain and drugs administered through nose are helpful in curing diseases of brain.
Drugs used in nasya karma:-
• Apamarg • Pipali • Tulsi • Talishpatar • Brahmi • Ginger • Onion • Garlic • Black pepper etc.
Indications for nasya karma:-
• Prana disorders • Sinus congestion • Migraine headaches • Convulsions • Certain eye and ear problems • Facial paralysis • Headache.
Contraindications for nasya karma:-
• Below seven years • Above 80 years • Sinus infections • Pregnancy • After sex

Purification and cleansing of blood.
Extraction of blood from the body is known as raktamokshan.Toxins present in the body get absorbed into blood due to which diseases like repeated infections,hypertension and other circulatory conditions occur such as repeated attacks of urticaria,rashes,eczema,chronic itching.All these conditions can be cured by raktamokshan
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Attention Pl. – The information at any place in this website is just on an informative basis as well as to create awareness among the people regarding their health and ecourage to adopt ayurveda in their routine life. Hence no one ever should take it as a forgranted treatment as such for any disesase and is always advised to contact his/her physician before using it in any way

The material in this blog is not intended to be prescriptive or to be construed as either legal or medical advice. Data contained herein that may  pertain to disease or medical terminology is for descriptive purposes only and no “attempt to cure” is intended or implied. Advice relative to disease should be used in cooperation with a doctor or one who understand nutrition. It is not the intent of the author to diagnose or prescribe. The intent is only to offer health information to help you cooperate with your doctor in your quest for health. In the event you use this information without your doctor’s approval,  you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but   the author assume no responsibility

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