Ayurveda is the combined essence derived from indian visions and experiences of many indian legends that deeply involved in classic ayurvedic research works that developed as a time tested one since the history begins. ayurveda the knowledge about life deals with the methodology to maintain the positive health and also about curing varities of diseases. Conclusively it can be said as;

swasthasya oorjaskaram and athurasya rogaharam (cha chi 1/4)

The treatment of ayurveda can be divided as brumhan (anabolic) and langhanam (catabolic). The langhanam is again subdivided into shamanam and shodhanam . Purification therapy is a unique feature of ayurveda by which the complete cure and non-recurrence of disease is made possible. The functional components (doshas – vatha, pitha & kapha) move all around the body through the channels of circulation to do the normal physiological activities. The disease is the result of imbalance in the quantity and quality of the doshas. During the disease process, the unbalanced doshas get lodged in the weak parts of the channels of circulation and produce the disease symptoms. If the channels of circulation are pure and healthy, even the aggravated doshas cannot locate anywhere and produce disease.

Ayurveda offers two measures in the management of a disease:

1. Pacifying therapy: (samanam – curative) – In which the unbalanced doshas are pacified with in the body itself. As this therapy doesn’t cleanse the channels of circulation, there is the possibility of reprovocation when exposed to similar causative factors. This therapy is suited in conditions in which there is not much vitiation of the doshas.

2. Purification therapy (shodhana – eliminative): – It is aimed at the complete expulsion of the unbalanced doshas and the purification of the channels of circulation. As the channels are cleansed and strengthened by this process, the chance of recurrence is nil. Purification therapy can be implemented not only for curing diseases but to maintain health. No other systems of medicine can offer such an effective treatment measure. So we can proudly declare our superiority of ayurveda to any other systems on account of its purification therapy.

Shamana means oral medication by using the most specific drugs in different formulations chosen according to the specific stage of disease that is to be determined after classic ayurvedic diagnosis. The classic ayurvedic diagnosis is made by assessing the signs and symptoms with the ayurvedic parameters dealt in classic ayurvedic literatures like madhavanidanam etc. After getting relief and cure from the disease one has to undergo the specific shodhana (panchakarma) instructed treatment principles to prevent the reoccurrence of the previous diseases (getting immuned) and also to rectify some of the complications that may still exist within the body even after curing the disease by the indicated oral medication.

 Superiority of eliminative therapy

permanent cure
absence of relapse
immunity enhancement
additional benefits are;
– complications are also prevented
– free radical quenching
– prevent iatrogenic complications
– retards premature ageing process.

‘pancha karma therapy’ is implemented in five ways.

1. enema therapy: – it is best for vatha imbalance.
2. purgation therapy: – best for pitha imbalance.
3. emesis therapy: – for kapha imbalance.
4. nasal drops: – for all diseases above the neck.
5. blood letting – best for removing blood impurities.

Stages of treatment

first stage:  This includes the external and internal application oils followed with fomentation or sudation. by this the unbalanced doshas lodged in the weak parts of the channels are liquefied and loosened.

Main or second stage: In this stage the loosened and liquefied doshas are expelled out of the body by the appropriate purifactory procedure.

Post therapy: This includes the regimens to be practiced after the purification. This is mainly intended to augment the digestive fire.
kabala graham
sansarjana karma
use of samana oushadha
rasayana aushadi.


sanchayam – accumulation
prakopam – aggravation
prasaram – dissemination
sthanasamsrayam – localization
vyakthi – manifestation
bhedam – disrupted complication.

By panchakarma
1). rechanalisation
– removing obstruction
– liquefying static doshas
2). natural mobility of dosha
3). rehabiliting doshas to koshta.
4). rehabilitation of dhadhu parinamum.
5). enhancement of absorption and metabolism.

Advantage of panchakarma

• purifies the entire system
• diseases are uprooted and can be eradicated with no reoccurrence
• improves performance of agni including dhathwagni
• acquires the vyadhikshamatwa(immunity)
• repairs the structural and functional damage of body caused by the diseases.
• tendency as vitiation and mitigation of doshas (even though it is natural) can be normalized.
• srothas (channels of body fluids) becomes clear and this activates the transport of rasadhathu and there by enriches its inherent preenanakarma [rejuvenation].
• koshta (elementary tract) becomes clear and thus koshtangas becomes activated and thereby felicitates co- ordination.
• activates ekadasha indriyas.
• gives absolute and quick relief from chronic diseases.
• purifies navadwara


1. if physicians logic is irrelevant or not in time, it causes harmful effects.
2. if physicians could not discriminate sama – nirama stages, the rasa part of dhathus, which are essentially required, will be lost like a we get juice out of an unripend mango by squeezing it. – thus body spoils.
3. if samsarjana kriya and other post operative procedures are not properly done – it causes impairment of agni and iatrogenic complications also .

If we do poorvakarma in sama avastha – it causes discomforts caused by shakhagatha amam – hence it can be considered as an eligibility test to do panchakarma by assessing presence of ama upon anupashayam. If we get upasayam panchakarmas can be done.
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Attention Pl. – The information at any place in this website is just on an informative basis as well as to create awareness among the people regarding their health and ecourage to adopt ayurveda in their routine life. Hence no one ever should take it as a forgranted treatment as such for any disesase and is always advised to contact his/her physician before using it in any way

The material in this blog is not intended to be prescriptive or to be construed as either legal or medical advice. Data contained herein that may  pertain to disease or medical terminology is for descriptive purposes only and no “attempt to cure” is intended or implied. Advice relative to disease should be used in cooperation with a doctor or one who understand nutrition. It is not the intent of the author to diagnose or prescribe. The intent is only to offer health information to help you cooperate with your doctor in your quest for health. In the event you use this information without your doctor’s approval,  you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but   the author assume no responsibility

19 thoughts on “PANCHAKARMA – Basics

  1. I am suffering from impotency & chronic constipation, from last yrs I am taking ayurvedik medicine but result is zero…one nadi vaidhya told me that your 3doshas are very corrupt. I want to go for Panchkarma can you tell me which process would be done on my body ??,,,,is basti is enough or I have to need more process of Panchkarma ??


  2. Hi doctor I a took a pancha karma treatment in Kerala for my neck pain and lower back pain after that my body feel very week the do get says it will take one month to recover and my pains are still same


    1. dear friend, pls send me the details of treatment given at panchkarma center. only then i would be able to comment on this.
      In your case,physiotherapy treatment is also eccential with ayurvedic tratment. u can visit
      wish you healthy recovery.


  3. Very informative blog from these blog i search about Ayurveda Panchakarma then i got these . Ayurveda Kerala and Kerala Ayurveda are famouse in kearala


  4. previously i was also not believing in ayrveda.But after spending 1 lack rupees on alopathicc treatment and dignose i got cured due to panch karma.


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