According to swami vishnu devananda, meditation is “….a continuous flow of perception or thought, just like the flow of water in a river.” a practice wherein there is constant observation of the mind, meditation brings awareness, harmony and natural order into life. it helps you dig deep into your inner self to discover the wisdom and tranquility that lie within.

Principles of meditation

the basic points to be kept in mind in practicing meditation are :

have a special place and specific time for meditation. try doing it daily.

choose a time when your mind is not clouded with worries.

sit up straight with your back, neck and head in one line. facing north or east.

condition your mind such so as to remain quiet for the duration of your meditation session.

regulate your breathing. start with 5 minutes of deep breathing. then gradually slow it down.

follow a rhythmic breathing pattern – inhale and exhale.

initially let your mind wander. it grows more restless if you force to concentrate.

then slowly bring it to rest on the focal point of your choice.

hold your object of concentration at this focal point throughout your session.

meditation happens when you reach a state of pure thought. even while retaining an awareness of duel self.

followed diligently you will soon be able to attain a super-conscious state.

Tips on concentration

at the outset, it is hard to keep your attention to keep focussed on one object.

so it is better to start off by limiting your field of concentration to a category of objects.

choose your objects with care e.g. any four flowers, fruits, trees…etc. you must feel at ease with what you choose.

after concentrating on one, you can move on to the next, if & when your mind starts wandering.

this style of meditative exercise will help you control your mind down to a finer focus, teaching you the principle

of single point concentration

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8 thoughts on “MEDITATION

  1. Negative thoughts,nervous exhaustion,laziness,weakness physical and mental,thoughts moving on.


  2. Hi, This is hari mishra from delhi i am suffering with anxity last one years can you help me. Basically i am not able to get deep sleep thats why i am suffering a lot of anxiety problem. Please guide me how can i get rid of anxiety and depression.

    my email id-
    Mb Number-91-8285890014
    Skype Id-harimshr


    1. pippali mool churna…. three to four pinch powder in one cup of lukewarm milk with sugar added…. exactly when u go to bed for sleep… try this i hope it helps u out….. u can be in touch for followups


  3. hi i am sonam puri from Amritsar. I am sure that i am suffering from Anxiety disorder because all my symptoms match with it. can u please help me.


    1. Please… i have posted the article just for help and guide to each and every people. Dont compare urself with the symptoms discussed in the articles. Dont diagnose urself.Take it easy. The article is just to explain. Pl. Dont try to fit urself into it. If u r facing some problem do forward it to me in ur own language and ur own view….. I will try to guide u.


  4. I am jipul modi from bharuch. My all symptoms are match with anxiety (i.e. : night dreams, headach, skin problem, brain pumping, body vibration & electrical body after seating one place). Can you guide me how i will solved this problem.?


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