Cardiac Patients-Dietary Tips

•try to lose weight if you are above your ideal body.this should be a gradual process,so avoid any fat diets or quick weight loss methods.
•quality of fat is more important than quantity. along with reducing the quantity emphasize on omega 3 fats in the diet;this can be done in the form of adding flaxseeds and fish.
•avoid consumption of margarine,oily or fried foods, red meat,sweet preparations like cakes,pastries, margarine and carbonated drinks.
•foods high in magnesium helps to protect heart, include foods such as broccoli, potatoes,spinach, and wheat germ.
•include at least 8-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables in a day’s diet and 1 serving of green leafy vegetable daily.
•avoid taking any kind of stress or strain may it be physical or psychological.
**small frequent meal:
• diet with small frequent meals,to avoid any strain on the heart
• diet rich in mufa and pufa,and low in sfa
• a diet plan low in sodium content.
• a high fibre diet is recommended.
**you can improve your lifestyle in the following ways:
•quit smoking because cigarette smoking alone increases the risk of heart attack a lot.
•ayurveda asks us to exercise regularly because exercise improves the body by reducing the excess fats.
•be calm and composed. try not to be angry.if you are cool then it helps a lot in checking your high blood pressure.
•take low calorie vegetarian foods.
•laughter is the best is a relaxation therapy and it helps to overcome really helps you if you have high blood pressure.
•avoid drinking contains caffeine which may increase the blood pressure level in an individual.
•love and show affection to everyone.if you do this it will really help in dropping your blood pressure, further reducing the risk of heart problems.
•practice meditation, yoga and asanas like shavasana.

Other ayurvedic methods
?mix garlic with butter milk and drink it twice daily.garlic is very essential in alleviating heart problems by controlling blood pressure.
?dip fenugreek in water and keep it over night and chew them in the morning in empty stomach.this will help in reducing cholesterol and fats.
?terminalia arjuna and jaharmorha are the ayurvedic drugs that help in the cardio vascular treatment.
Eat heart healthy diet
dash- dietary approaches to stop hypertension
foods to avoid
•fatty (saturated) foods- butter, cheese,curd,ghee and others
•junk foods (oily and spicy foods) and carbonated drinks
•red meat (lamb and beef) and yellow portion of boiled egg
healthy diet for stable heart
•whole wheat bread,corn, cereals,whole grains (millets, hominy)
•fresh fruits
•green leafy vegetables and others (carrot, pumpkin,garlic, and others)
•fat free skimmed milk
•low fat or non fat yogurt
•vegetable oil- canola,olive and sunflower oil
•white meat fish- herring,sardine and others
•chicken or turkey skin removed
•omega-3 fatty acids,a type of polyunsaturated fat,may decrease your risk of heart attack,protect against irregular heartbeats and lower blood pressure.
•fish food rich in omega- 3 fatty acids- herring, mackerel,sardine and others
•omega-3s are present in smaller amounts in flaxseed oil, walnut oil, soybean oil and canola oil.

Normal intake of protein per day should 50 – 60 gms
– avoid animal fat, pork, beef, meat, fats, dairy product like cream butter, ghee
– avoid carbohydrates since they responsible for endogenous synthesis of cholesterol and triglycerides
– reduce calories. excess of them gives rise to obesity and obesity burdens the heart
– use nicotinc acid since it aids in reduction of lipids in blood
– adequate potassium and calcium in blood are required to prevent arrhythmia
– smoking and alcohol should be restricted
– daily intake of salt should not be more than 2-3 gms
– take food three hours before going to sleep
– take enough of roughage in the form of salads
– take adequate amount of garlic and ginger. garlic lowers the cholesterol levels and ginger reduces the blood clots
– have a gentle morning walk of up to 2-3 km everyday
– avoid hostile lifestyle
– consult an expert yoga master to learn shawasana and practice it daily

48 thoughts on “Cardiac Patients-Dietary Tips

  1. Respected sir,
    I am 35 year’s old,I had gone through mi last April,all report came normal,there were no blockage found,echo & blood test report’s are also normal,I daily walks for 40 minutes,but sometimes I feel dizziness, due to that i felt anxious of health,
    So please guide me some medicine,& suggestion,


  2. Hello Dr. i am 39, and had a mild heart attack on 16th Sept. LAD -50-60% block. One of the hospital insisted for angioplasty. Other Dr. advised not to go for angioplasty. I didn’t go for angioplasty, taking medicines, Tab. cardace meto 2.5, Deplatt Cv 20, Cap homochek. Regular walking is also advised. Pls advise me on clearing the block without angioplasty.


  3. Hello doctor,
    My father had blockage of 99% in d heart, so he underwent angioplasty and it is succesful. Now my concern is about his lifestyle. He is very fond of sweets and he is hyperactive. Will it affect him. How his life style shoud be and also his food habits. Can u pls give me a diet chart for d same


  4. i read most of the Q/Ans. excellent. My request is that, I underwent PTCA on 27.01.2015 for blockage about 85 & 90%. No problem so far. taking regular medicine, Quit smoking, diet being controlled and not using alcohol since Jan 15. am only 48 yrs, What would be the lifestyle for rest of life. May I enjoy as others.


    1. yes, for sure…..just need to be consious as you are regarding it till today….follow the rules no smoking, no wine and controlled diet…… and you can enjoy your life more than others. Best of luck.


  5. Dear doctor,
    My father had disease called pulmonary artery disease.
    His left leg’s artery is blocked,we have cunsulted cardiovascular surgeon.dr had done unsuccessful angioplasty and now saying that there is no option for this, if does not go well have to go for amputation.the drs even not ready for bypass surgery.please give your valuable suggestion…
    The artery blockage is about 35cm.
    Thanks and regards…


    1. dear friend, your father problem is bit complicated. I dont this only oral medicines in ayurveda wud help. his treatment can be done after admitiing in an ayurvedic hospital and then follow procedures of panchkarma along with the oral intake of medicines. So i wud suggest u once to visit a good ayurvedic hospital have facility of Panckkarma.


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