DIABETES-Prmeha-Know It

The word prameha is derived from the ‘miha sechane’ which means watering. Pra means excess of urine in both frequency and volume. Prameha, thus, becomes self-explanatory and holds the twin meanings of “prabhutha mutratha” or excessive urination and “avilmutratha” or turbid urine.

Historical perspective

          A chronological study of the ayurvedic classics and the samgraha texts shows changing trends of emphasis on its study and practice. It is very interesting to note the prameha has been described eloquently and elaborately in charak samhita chikistha sthana’s sixth chapter. In shusurata samhita it is found in nidana sthana’s sixth chapter and in chikitsha sthana’s 11th, 12th and 13th chapter. While madava nidana describes it in its 33rd chapter, which is prameha nidana.

Genetical perspective

          Genetical view regarding prameha are clearly mentioned by charaka and shusurata samhita. They have given a specific word ‘beej dosha’ i.e., which means a “defect in genes” if transliterated to english. beej means seed and dosha means defect. Charaka has described anatomy of beej as below:
beej = semen or shukra
beej bhaga = chromosome
          Sushrutha has said that kshetra, ambu, beeja and ritu are the four factors involving genetic factor of any diseases, and these mean:
kshetra > woman’s reproductive organs
beej > sperm
ambu > watery contents that gives nutrition to fetus
ritu > environment around the fertilized ovum or fetus
          also the physical and mental stages including dietary habits of pregnant lady can cause changes in the body of the offspring.

Ojas and prameha
          Ojas is essence of life, extract of all the dhatus (body tissue), which manifests in the form of bala (strength). Normally all the physical, psychic, sensory and motor functions are determined by ojas. The appearance of ojas is supposed to be like ghee (in purity and luster), taste is supposed to be like honey, and smell like fried paddy. In diabetes mellitus normal quantity of ojas in the body hampered in two ways:
i) by obstruction in vessels (srotorodha)
ii) by degeneration of the body contents (dhatukshaya)


a) hetu bedhas (as per etiology)

1. sahaja prameha : juvenile or congenital diabetes
2. kulaja : familial
3. apathyaja : due to improper dietary habits

b) deha prakriti bedhas (as per features of the body)

1. sthula pramehi : obese-related
2. krisha pramehi : leanness-related

c) mutra bikara bedhas (as per urinary abnormality)

1. Kaphaja : Kapha causes pramehas by affecting medhas thus altering lipid metabolism), muscles and body fluid situated in urinary bladder. They are of ten types as:

— udakameha (chronic nephritis, diabetes insipidus) > watery urine
— iskhumeha (alimentary glycosuria) > like sugar cane
— saandrameha (phosphaturia) > viscous urine
— saandraprasaadmeha > having solid precipitate
— suklameha (chyleuria, albuminuria) > white
— sukrameha (spermaturia) > urine with semen
— sitameha > cold urine
— sainyameha > delayed and very slow impulse of urination
— lalmeha (albuminaria) > saliva-like urine
— siktameha (lithuria) > urine with gravels

2. Pittaja : Pitta aggravated by hot things causes the same by affecting medas, muscles and body fluid situated in urinary bladder. They are of six types as :

— kcharameha (alkanuria) > urine like alkali
— kaalameha (indikanuria) > black urine
— nilameha (indikanuria) > blue urine
— haridrameha (biluria) > turmeric-like urine
— manjisthameha (urobilinuria) > urine is lighter
— raktameha (haemeturia) > urine is deep red

3. Vataja : Vayu, on relative diminution of other two doshas, draws on the dhatus in urinary bladder and thus causes prameha. Prameha caused by vata and associated with pain has blackish or reddish urine. They are of four types as:

— majjameha (albuminuria) > urine with majja
— ojomeha (diabetes mellitus) > urine with ojas
— vasameha (lipuria) > urine with vasa
— hastimeha (prostatitis) > urine with lasika

20 thoughts on “DIABETES-Prmeha-Know It

  1. I am diabetic for 22 years my creatinine is 4.7 and urea 110.i started taking cow urine product of baba ramdev.please suggest me how to control it whether taking only cow urine twice a day is enough.whether I am doing it right


  2. Dear Dr.
    Iam 51years old and have recently diagnosed with high BP, Sugar and Cholesterol patient. 12 days back my BP was 110/173, Sugar before food 183 and post food 371 and cholesterol was around 283. Now after taking allopathic medicine now my BP was 93/134 and Sugar was 99/110. However, I feel this allopathic medicine lot of side effects like Gas, stomach irritation and diarrhea. In this regard, i request you to suggest me that COW Urine will help me to get of this problems without side effects and if yes how to take it please advise.



  3. sir, dt.12.9.2015 according the report fasting blood sugar is 108 and PPBS is 168.7, in urine present(+), HbA1c is 7.2 % Pl.suggests me medicines I am taking wheat grass, Giloy, Amla juice.Madhunashini, Madhu kalp Vati, and cow urine extract, Giloyghanvati


  4. Dear Sir,
    I have problem of high blood pressure of 156/96 and also Diabetes of fasting 140 & PPBS 225.Can you suggest me how can I take fresh cow urine & how much a week.


      1. Sir,its possible to take in a week,so I want know how much quantity weekly once.


  5. sir I have sugar fasting 120 and sugar pp is 220. also had been suffering from pancreatits, does cow urine will help, and how much quantity


  6. How Can I use GO MUTRA for treating type 2 diabetese. Name any Aayurvedic Medicine containg VACHA.


  7. Dear Dr. I m 62. My FBS is 95.6 and PP is 175.2. Serum Creatinine in KFT is 1.70 & Serum Uric Acid is 3.40. Thyroid tests are normal but Parathyroid Hormone (Intact) is 449.50. What should I do? Is there any cure in Cow Urine? Please reply. Thanks


    1. ok.. ur reports suggest a prediabetic condition.. no need to worry and start any medicine… start fresh cow urine… twenty ml… early morning with thirty ml of lukewarm water added to it… only once in a day… more over … take a laxative… powder .. herbal… once a week… for cleansing of intestine… everyday three to four kms.. of walk is must…. avoid.. spicy.. chilly substance and restricted sugar intake… get the reports repeated after one month….


  8. Sir,
    I m suffering from Blood Sugar Since 1 year FP 170 & PP 290 contineosly. I m taking allopathy. But It can’t reduce sugar. In Starting my weight lost 5 Kg in Jun 2012, Now controlled weight i.e 72 Kg. My age is 49 years. I m feeling body weakness whole day. I want to ask you that is diabetes cured by cow urine therapy or not ?


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