In ayurveda, depression is known as is caused by the increase in the tamas and rajas of the mind with a vitiation of the kapha dosha. sometimes,an imbalanced vata may also be responsible for depression.
Depression needs to be looked after and treated as soon as it is some people,depression may be very dangerous as they could resort to endangering their own and other people’s lives.

Useful herbs in the treatment of depression

1. Ashwagandha: Has the requisite properties to remove negative thoughts from the mind.the aphrodisiac properties of ashwagandha also help in improving the mind and removing depression.
2.Brahmi: Is prescribed before a yogic session. the reason is that brahmi helps to relax the mind and bring it to a comfortable state. Brahmi is very popularly available in the form of oils. The oil has a cooling and soothing effect on the mind.regular use of this oil can prevent the person from feeling depressed.
3. Cardamom: Has a very pleasing odor which can soothe the nerves.when a person is depressed,a tea made by putting cardamom in it can have almost miraculous effects.
4.Guggulu: Has become the focus of attention recently due to the presence of special chemicals in it called as guggulsterones. These chemicals improve the nervous coordination and hence are beneficial in the treatment of depression. Guggulu is more effective in depression caused due to seasonal affective disorder.
5.Jatamansi: Brings a calming effect on the canalizing the energies of the mind in the right direction, jatamansi can remove the depressive thoughts.
6.Turmeric: Is effective in treating depression that is caused by the change of seasons, i.e. seasonal affective disorder.

Dietary treatments for depression
For people with depression a heavy food is not advised.the person must not eat to the full capacity. Hot,spicy and pungent tastes must be avoided as these will aggravate the senses further. Fluids and fresh vegetables (in salads) must become an important part of every meal. The person can have cool sherbets like rose sherbet in the middle of the day,especially in the afternoons and when the evening is beginning. Tea and coffee may be taken occasionally to stimulate the brain.
Most people with depression lose their appetite and desire to eat.for such people,food must not be forced,or it could lead to vomiting. When such a disinterest in food occurs, fruits can be consumed.a diet rich in fruits is beneficial in the treatment of depression.

Ayurvedic treatment for depression:
Even in ayurveda, a psychological counseling between the physician and the patient is undertaken. This helps the physician to understand the root cause of the depression. Then they can take the formulated steps to cure the problem.
1.Such counseling is done to increase the sattva of the mind.
Slowly allowing a stream of water to fall in the center of the forehead enables the mind to remove its negativistic thoughts and focus more on a positive outlook. This therapy is known as shirodhara and it is becoming very popular in the western world also. An alternative therapy is shirobasti. The oil massage therapy called as abhyanga is also very useful.
Ayurverdic professionals also advocate the use of yoga in keep the mind restful. Praanayama and yoga must become an important part of a person’s daily routine. This helps to concentrate the mind on positive thoughts and depression will never occur. Yogic asanas that are beneficial to people with depression are bhujangasana, halasana, paschimottasana, sarvangasana, shalabhasana, shavasana and vakrasana. In addition, pranayamas like bhastrika and kapalbhati are very strongly advised.

Home medications

1.Get someone do a good head massage with a cooling oil like brahmi oil.
2.Improve the regimen of your day.begin with yoga in the morning and then listen to good soothing music. Gor some people, visiting their religious places of worship also helps to come out of depression.
3.Focus your mind in other activities and hobbies in order to keep the thoughts causing depression away.
4.You can try eating an apple with milk and honey. This helps to improve the mood.
5.Simple lemon juice (the extract of one lemon in a glass of water, sweetened with sugar) is also good. It releases stress-removing hormones and brings the mind at ease

Attention Pl. – The information at any place in this website is just on an informative basis as well as to create awareness among the people regarding their health and ecourage to adopt ayurveda in their routine life. Hence no one ever should take it as a forgranted treatment as such for any disesase and is always advised to contact his/her physician before using it in any way

The material in this blog is not intended to be prescriptive or to be construed as either legal or medical advice. Data contained herein that may  pertain to disease or medical terminology is for descriptive purposes only and no “attempt to cure” is intended or implied. Advice relative to disease should be used in cooperation with a doctor or one who understand nutrition. It is not the intent of the author to diagnose or prescribe. The intent is only to offer health information to help you cooperate with your doctor in your quest for health. In the event you use this information without your doctor’s approval,  you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but   the author assume no responsibility


69 thoughts on “DEPRESSION

  1. Hello sir. I m suffering from anxiety disorder and now since panic attacks have started in any situation with negative thoughts. Fear and panic in morning with physical symptoms of palpitations forced breathing happens frequently. Plz guide me what medicines to take thanks


  2. Thanks for sharing such an informative blog about depression.The blog gives home remedies for depression ,ayuverdic treatment for depression and herbs which reduces depression.This blog will be very helpful to many people as depression is th most common disease.for more information visit


  3. Thnks sir,i have Got 3 liquid bottles(Which contains pipalimadhu,Yastimadhu,Jatamansi)and himalaya Tagara frm Dr.Harshvardhan Jobanputra(professor at nadiad ayurvedic college.


  4. Hello Sir, My name is Mukund(Age 21) I am frm a Backward village in gujarat,Mene abhi abhi graduation finish krk Classes join kiye the,Sir Mujhe ldki aur jigri dost ki vajh se depression agaya tha to me raat ko so nahi pata tha 2,3 week aesa hua fir,raat ko stroke jesa feel hota tha,left side ka Half mind Disable hojata tha sath sath left side Half Body Bhi paralysys hojati thi 10-15 seconds k liye fir Mene Ek Phyciatrist se dawai li thi Bina Stroke(May be lower blood circulation) K bare me bataye, Vo Medicine mene 10 days li thi Fir mujhe Side Effects ka Dar laga tha toh mene Vo Dawai chordi thi,Aur njdiki ayurvedic Dr k pas gaya tha vaha unho ne Koi poweder, aur kuch herbal tablets k sath sath Himalaya Tagara Likh kr di thi, Herbal tablets 20 din khakar chordi he mene ab sirf Himalaya Tagara subah shyaam 2-2 le rha hu,Sir mujhe kbhi kbhi leg ya arm me Disabling jesa problem hota he,Left side ka Brain aur Face bhari Bhari Hogaya he,Depression k Symptons Km to hua he But ye bhari pan nhi gaya he aur me logo se baat kne me fear experience kr rha hu,Mera Dimag Jo pehle Bahot Tez tha vo ab Slow hogaya he n me all time moodless rehta hu,Thik se So tk nhi pa rha,Ye sb 3 month se horha he sir aur mujhe koi chiz me intrest nhi rha he,Mere parents Gaw me rehte he vo support nhi kr rhe mujhe kkyuv ki unko depression ka koi knowledge nhi,they can just provide me money,plzz give me solution sir


  5. Respected sir, mujhe nervusness problem hai. 2/4 logoke samne bol nahi paata. pasina pasina hojata. dar lagta. brain bilcul khali ho jata. agar bolna padega to kaisebolu ahi baat aati raheti hai but muje kabi marne ki soch nahi aati please readymade herbal medicine bataiana.


  6. Hi sir…me priyanka delhi se…mujhe anxiety problem ho rhi hai pichle 1 saal se…meri halat din p din bigadti he ja rhi hai….mujhe bht ghabrahat rehti hai raat ko….jese raat hoti hai mujhe daŕr lagta hai aur ghabrahat rehti hai….mujhe sone se bht darr lagta hai…jitni bi gehri neeind aa rhi ho me so nai paati…aankhen band karte he ghabrahat hoti hai…heart beat tej hoti hai aur mujhe attack aane ka darr lagta hai….mujhe 1 saal pehle.anxiety attack aaya tha tab se me aise hu…mujhe voi darr beth gya hai mann me…mujhe lagta hai me marr jaungi…bethe bethe kisi bi cheej se kisi bi baat se darr lagne lagta hai ghabrahat hone lagti hai…mere mind me anxiety ki feeling and baat 24 ghante rehti hai…me pareshaan ho chuki hu bht jaada…raat raat bhar me soti nai…meri jindagi barbaad ho gyi hai…me chahti hu me apni.normal lyf me.aa jau jald se jald aur ye bimaari jad se nikal.jae……please meri help kijie…mene aapka advisement net me find kia aur logo ke reviews dekhe…islie mene aapko apni bimaari batae…pls mujhe kuch btae…meri lyf hell hoti ja rhi hai din p din..


    1. visit an ayurvedic physician for your problem . U can start taking
      Pippalimool churna-50gm + Yastimadhu churna-30gm + Vacha churna-20gm + Jatamansi churna-20gm(Any Pharma) mix all the four powders. Take five pinch powder of prepared combination at night while going to sleep with half cup lukewarm milk.
      and tab. Mentat(Himalaya) one tab twice a day after meals with plain water.
      for relief.
      U can also mail me at


  7. Dear sir
    Mai Patiala Punjab se hu. Last 3 deal se meri wife anxiety ki problem se lad rhi hai uski umer 24 year hai . bhut medicine le Chuke hai pr kuchh aaram nhi hai meri wife ke agab se khayal aate hai jaise kahi mai Mar Na Jason kahi wo na Mar jaye , ye na Mar jaye jiski Bajah se uski Halat kharab hoti ja rahi hai . Mai job ke karn Babar rehta hu or weekly ghar aata hu . Meri wife ko achanak ghabrahat suru ho jayi hai or kabhi kabhi chakar same lagte or raat bure bure sapne aate hai. Jiski Bajah se wo or ghabrane Lagti hai. Please solve my problem


    1. start with
      Pippalimool churna-50gm + Yastimadhu churna-30gm + Vacha churna-20gm + Jatamansi churna-20gm(Any Pharma) mix all the four powders. Take five pinch powder of prepared combination at night while going to sleep with half cup lukewarm milk.
      and Mentat syrup (himalaya) one spoon twice a day.
      respond me after twenty days on


  8. प्रणाम सर , मै 27 साल का हूँ मेरी हाईट 5ft 6inc हैं ।मै 2 महीनों से डिप्रेसन का शिकार हूँ और हर मृत आदमी से बहुत डरता हूँ साथ में मुझे हर वक़्त डर लगा रहता है की मै पागल हो जाऊँगा या वो मरे हुए लोग मेरे दिमाग में सवार हो जायेंगे या भूकंप आ जायेगा.मेरा पेट साफ़ नहीं रहता और गेस की शिकायत रहती है. ये सब नवंबर 2015 के महीने से सुरुवात हुआ जब मेरा दोस्त एक्सीडेंट में मर गया और एक पड़ोस का जवान लड़का मर गया और मेरी नोकरी भी 1 साल पहले छुट गयी और एकतरफा प्रेम में असफलता मिली और लंबे वक़्त तक समय पर खाना नहीं खाया न पोष्टिक खाना खाया. कृपया उपचार सुझाएँ सर मेरे करियर को बचा लें में अपने माँ बाप का एकलोता सहारा हूँ मुझे हो गया तो उनकी सेवा कोन करेगा सर _/\_


  9. सर मेरा बेटा 26इयर का है करीब 6इयर से anti deppation की दवा ले रहा है लेकिन सर डोज बढता ही जा रहा है अभी भी वो जब भी बाहर जाता है उसे लगता है की उसे देखकर लोग हस रहे है उसके बारे में बुरी बाते कर रहे है इसलिए जब भी छोड़ केर बैठ गया है क्या करे सर जरुर बताये वो सिगरेट और कभीकभी गांजा भी पिता है कृपया सर हेल्प करे


  10. Sir mai 10 sal se dispersion ki dalai le raha houn mera plus rate 110 se upar rahta hai isi beech muje BP sugar
    THS. Bhee 7’5 rahta hai teeno bimari ki allopathic medicine leta houn। “” kriya muje teeno bimari ka
    combination dvai batane ki help karen
    Apka Nirmal Bansal. 09826425138


  11. Dr,
    One of my close relative is suffering from Paranoid Schizophrenia. The age is 45 years and afraid of people around him as they are trying to give bad name on him. He comfortable with family members. He is able to complete all daily routine with no problem as soon he is free from his morning work, he start thinking of these people.

    Please suggest which medicine should be used.

    Thanks for help.



  12. Sir. I am 52 years old I am face 16 years depression. Anxiety. Panic attack omega 3 twice daily 2-2 tablets lekin abhi panic attack aa rahe hai travelling phobia hone se bahar ghumne ki himmat nahi hoti koi bhi bahar ke kaam aane per ghabrahat hoti hai please muze is se bahar nikal ne me madad kare


    1. Anil. Bhai aap apne najdiki ayurveda doctor se sampark karke uchit chikitsa prarambh kare. chinta kare ki koi baat nahi hein. Chikitsa ke doran evam chikitsa ke sambandh mein yadi koi margdarshan chahe to jaroor likhe. aap apne doctor ke supervision me treatment start kare or margdarshan ki avasykta hone par hum aap ko jarror sahkar denge.


  13. namste g .sir mujhe 6 salo se depression and anxiety h . mene 2 salo tak antidepressant li PR koi fayda nhi hua ..alopathic.Aurved. Homyo sari medicine kha chuka hu ..but koi aram nhi.. suicide me vichar chalte h . yoga ,meditation, San kuchh kiya koi result nhi mila g …jina chahte h for bhi nhi g sakte sir kya kru koi rasta bataye plz plz plz…..meri age 25 h


    1. Dear friend Ravi,
      Nothing there to be sad and depressed. There is always a way. just need to keep your will power on top and never get tired. Human is the best creation of God on this earth who can make and prove everything possible. Let me know on the medication you are on at present.


  14. Namskar ji …sar me 6 salo se depression & anxiety h .. mene alopathic aurvedic sari medicine le h but koi improve nhi hua …ghabraht .becheni .sirdard .sucidical vichar ..chalte h kya kru ..plz koi Ayurveda medicine bataye


    1. start with
      Pippalimool churna-50gm + Yastimadhu churna-30gm + Vacha churna-20gm + Jatamansi churna-20gm(Any Pharma) mix all the four powders. Take five pinch powder of prepared combination at night while going to sleep with half cup lukewarm milk.
      Brahmivati (plain)(UnjhaPharma) two tablet after breakfast with one cup of milk.
      respond me after twenty days.


  15. Hello sir,mri age 31 h.mjhe last 14 years se prob. H ki mai kisi b party,marriage pe nhi jata qki mjhe acha nhi lgta mri heart beat bad jati h narvs hone lgta hu.apne frnds se b jyada nhi milta or market b kam jata hu pta nhi kis bat ka dar sa lgta rhta h heart me.ab to nagtive think krta hu.lgta h jaise lyf khtm ho rhi h aj tak maine koi madicine nhi li.plz mujhe btaye ki ye konsi bimari h or mai kya ilaz kru.thnxxx


    1. Dear friend. Donot worry. Just need to share your problems. The best way i feel is that you should visit a nearby ayurvedic doctor and put your problem before him/her frankly and ask for a proper treatment. According to you description there is a disorder of vata effecting emotions too. So need not to worry. everything could be ok. u can further approach me for any guidence and support.


  16. Aadarniya sriman ji,
    I came across you website when, looking at the way you helped people, made me to share my problem with you in a hope as I never tried any ayurvedic treatment.

    I am a 25 year male, suffering from OCD(obsessive compulsive disorder)
    Since 3 years and my mother suffering from Schizophrenia.
    I was taking serterline 25 mg only but it make me feel sleepy and
    tiring whole day.

    My problem:-

    I remain tensed & fearing whole day, unnecessarily.

    Always feel low in energy, tired, weak.

    I loses interest in life.

    My hand keeps trembling.

    I feel like my brain is under heavy pressure.

    I do a lot of meditation to overcome it.

    From your unparalleled expertise, i seek help


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