cervical spondylosis

Cervical spondylosis is a disorder that happens with age. this happens due to degeneration of the bones of spine or the ribs. The spinal canal narrows down and causes the muscles or the nerves attaching to compress than normal size. and hence the mild pain starts and ends in severe dysfunction.

Cervical spondylosis, also known as cervical arthritis, cervical osteoarthritis and neck arthritis, is a degenerative osteoarthritis condition that affects the cervical spine.

The cervical vertebrae are the seven vertebrae between the skull and the chest that form the upper spine. Cervical spondylosis is often caused by earlier back injuries such as sports injuries and falls.

A specific form of arthritis, which attacks vertebrae and connecting bony, and ligament structures, is known as spondylosis. Frequently it occurs in the cervical vertebrae. The spines of majority of people above the age of 50 have certain degree of osteo arthritic changes. But they seldom cause acute symptoms. Certain precipitating factors like trauma, incorrect posture of the body, pressure while sleeping and excessive intake of sour food usually precipitate these attacks.

In ayurveda this condition is known as griva sandhigata vata. Pain in the back of neck, shoulder and arms, stiffness of the neck and even paraplegia occur due to this condition. The movement of the spine generally aggravates the pain of the neck. It is often associated with loss of memory and sleeplessness.


• Neck or shoulder pain, stiffness of the neck and difficulty turning or bending the neck from side-to-side are also symptoms of cervical spondylosis. the symptoms of cervical spondylosis may get worse with turning, extending, or bending the neck. Pain that shoots down the arm, and numbness, weakness or pains in the arm are also symptoms of cervical spondylosis.
• Numbness or a feeling of weakness in the shoulders or in the arm area.
• Muscles spasm and popping sound near the neck.
• Sometimes the pain moves to head
• Symptoms of cervical spondylosis are caused by imposition on the spinal cord or the nerves as they exit the spine, or both. eck and shoulder pain are the most common symptom.
• A stiff neck is most often one of the very first signs. Neck stiffness tends to grow progressively worse over time
• Radiating pain to the bottom of the skull and/or to the shoulder and down the arm. This radiating pain may seem like a stabbing or a burning or it might present itself as a dull ache.
• Along with pain, cervical spondylosis can be accompanied by parathesias and muscle weakness in the neck, shoulders, arms and hands, and a syndrome called numb,clumsy hands


1. Cervical spondylosis is caused by chronic degeneration of the cervical spine, the cushions between the neck vertebrae, and joints between the bones of the cervical spine.
2. A previous neck injury can predispose to a person to cervical spondylosis.
3. Carrying loads on your head (for example, carrying a heavy surfboard down the beach to the waves)
4. Professional dancing.
5. Professional gymnastics.


The following methods are used to diagnose arthritis of the neck:
1. mris – particularly useful for viewing the condition of the spinal nerves, mris take pictures from many angles.
2. ct scans provide good views of the encroachment on nervous tissue caused by the remodeling/reshaping of bones.
3. myelogram – this imaging technique enhances the visibility of x-rays. they are especially good for seeing problems located at nerve roots.

do’s & don’ts

1. wheat is better than rice, maida and suji.
2. exposure to cold is avoided.
3. sour things, particularly curd, etc. are strictly prohibited.

can cervical spondylosis be treated?

yes. However, in mild cases, no treatment is required. when treatment is required, it is aimed at relieving pain and preventing permanent spinal cord and nerve root injury. Treatments include neck brace, anti-inflammatory medication, neck traction, bed rest, and cortisone injections. In some cases, surgery is necessary to remove bone and disc tissue.

complications of cervical spondylosis

Some common complications of cervical spondylosis are:
1. chronic neck pain
2. progressive loss of muscle function or feeling
3. inability to retain feces
4. use of a neck brace to immobilize the neck
5. urinary incontinence

how does ayurveda interpret these conditions?

Ayurveda understands the functioning of the body as comprising of three basic functions, movement, change and growth & stability, which are referred to as the three doshas vata, pitta & kapha.

These functions in a state of equilibrium lead to health and in-equilibrium to diseases.

The disturbance to any one of these ultimately leads to problems related to all the three functions.

Treatment in ayurveda is aimed at restoring the equilibrium through correction of the underlying functional in-equilibrium.

Treatment comprises of three approaches, elimination (sodhanam) of the accumulated toxic products of digestion, metabolism and the disease process, pacification (samanam) and correction of the entities responsible for altered functioning and rasayanam (rejuvenation) of the bodily tissue to regain and maintain natural strength and vitality.

Vata, the principle of movement is the predominant function with the skeleto-muscular system and the nervous system. Problems relating to these systems are predominantly caused by vitiated vata. The vitiation of vata is caused by two mechanisms.
One of them is obstruction to vata due to malfunctioning of kapha and pitta. The other one is increase of vata independently as in the case of the degenerative problems.

The therapeutic approach to the two types of vitiation is different. If vata’s functions are deranged due to kapha and pitta, as in the case of inflammation, correcting them through elimination and pacification is the method to be adopted. For diseases due to vata alone (the degenerative disorders), the concept is to use medications which arrest the degenerative processes. While fibromyalgia is a condition where vata is deranged due to pitta and kapha, the other two problems are due to vata alone. The treatment of cervical spondylosis and herniated disk comprises of use of medications to arrest the degenerative process.

For physiotherapy advice,you can post on http://physiotherapy4alll.blogspot.in/

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  1. Sir, I am from Bangalore 40 year old, suffering from Cervical spondylosis, MRI impressions says C4-5 having minor bulge in C5-6, 7 and root nerve problem, almost from past 11 months I am suffering fro Dizziness, neck pain shoulder pain, head hech and numbness, 1st treatment started from Alopathy for 3-5 months no improvement, next moved to homeopathy some percentage of numbness and guidiness redused, buy again Leg heal pain and neck pain exist, and migrane triggers and again guidiness triggers, please suggest me can I shift to Ayurveda or to continue Homeyopathy.


  2. Doctor, Your blog is an awesome content for people like me. I was diagnosed with Cervical C5-C6 Spondolysis 5 years back, but only last year I was getting severe neck pain and hence I went ahead and started doing Physio exercises. While my neck pain is now way better than the last year, however recently , I started having a headache and I couldn’t understood the reason for this ache as I have never had any headache problems in past. Later on I realized that my headache started when I was running Full Marathon in the last month. I am curious to know whether running or doing any physical exercises such as weight lifting, Cardio exercises in GYM will worsen the CS problem? I was under impression that having a proper support of Muscles on the neck and back should reduce the problem , but in my case looks like it has worsen the situation. FYI – I have done MRI Scan and looks like nerve is getting pinched at C6.. Is there a way to cure this problem ( nerve pinching) by doing exercises as I like to do physical exercises.. Please advice!


  3. sir, iam facing dizziness and while sleeping when i rotated my head giddiness is my severe problem right side shoulder legs back pain is very severe neck and headache is very sever at night time and morning around starts at 12.00pm and iam suffering from vertigo spondylosis. please suggest me to take which kind of treatment for my pain.


  4. dear sir,
    i am also writing a mail.with my mri reports.
    i will try to brief. l have c5/6 disc buldge and compressing c6 nerve root. Left side is the affected area.
    Having left neck pain, giddiness, upper back pain, left chest pain,shoulder radiating pain till my left arm fingers, spasms muscle weakness.
    I have been having all there problems for the past 1 year after a fall playing badminton.
    Neck pain and the giddiness are the worst part of symptoms
    Currently started treatment in ayurvedic college trivandrum 7 days now. Treatment is great.
    Is this disorder treatable by ayrveda? Can i get back to my previous life. young and energetic? Can i lift my baby?Can i play cricket? Can i go for a long drive, Trucking etc ?
    I am 31.
    Can you pass some strength and confidence?

    i will be thankful to you


  5. dear sir, i will try to brief.l. I have c5/6 disc buldge and compressing c6 nerve root. Left side is tge affected area. Having neck pain giddiness upper back pain left chest pan spasms muscle weekness. Currently started treatment in ayurvedic college trivandrum. Treatment is great. Is this disorder treatable by ayrveda? Can i get back to my previoys lifestyle young and energetic? I am 32. I am also writing a mailto your mail id with mri reports. Can you pass some strength and confidence. If possible. Writing the mail with attachment right now


    1. Its great to know that you are already taking ayurvedic treatment. Just continue the same according the advise of the doctor there. Yes it is definitely curable and you certainly can look forward for a happy and normal life.
      As you have said you have dropped me a mail too, I would go through it and respond accordingly.


  6. Dear sir, I am 33 years old, suffering from cerical spondylosis
    C6_C7 since four years. I am getting too much pain in the left shoulder and radiating to the lefthand fingers. And one more main thing is getting too much uneasy ness in the upper part of the chest leftside. I did ECG and 2D Echo all are normal.
    Shortness of breath and dizziness also associated with the above symptoms.
    So kindly give me the proper advise on this.


  7. Hello Doctor, I am 31 year old based out Delhi, am suffering from cervical spondylitis since may 14. I had an x-ray which report says, Osteophytes lipping seen at cervical c5. All vertebrae’s are normal. My symptoms are shortness of breath, kind of anxiety,numbness in fingers and hands some time, stiffness in neck & collar bone to till back during morning time or some time in daytime or evening too. I am doing regular neck exercise, physio therapy i.e. IFT and heating pad. Its giving me relief but some time when I go for long drive or work with more stress its comes gain. I need your expert advise, if anything am missing or any precautions which I am not following.


  8. sir iam 24yr old do we have any permanant cure for cervical spodlisis if we do regullar exercise like yoga ,swimming .jogging there will be permanant cure .


  9. I have been diagnosed with cervical cervical spondilosis four years ago. The gap between c5 and c6 reduced. I am having continuous pain from neck and it goes upto my head, I too had numbness in three fingers of left hand which is now cured. Now a days I frequently have to go for evacuation. I am loosing control over it. Is it due to cervical spondilosis? If yes then what is the rtreatment of it?


    1. yes… effect of cervicle spodylosis is there… but symtoms also indicate excess of heat in your instestine…. so there is a pitta vata imbalance. so need to correct that too with the help of medicines. i wud suggest you to go for a x-ray and forward me the report of the same. if u have already a recent one. please forward me. moreover i wud also advise you to consult a physiotherapist for you cervicle problem. that too will help a lot.


  10. I am 34 years and suffering from cs. Does cervical spondylosis cause breathing problems. I am far from ur country so how can I get ur medications.


      1. sir iam 24yr old do we have any permanant cure for cervical spodlisis if we do regullar exercise like yoga ,swimming .jogging there will be permanant cure .


  11. Today morning I suddenly had breathing problem and in one stage I was supposed to fall down.I thought it as cardiac problem but when I visited Doctor he said it cervical spondylosis after measuring my BP 130/100. He asked whether I am feeling pain below neck and yes it was there.
    My question to you sir whether cervical spondylosis causes breathing problem and if so kindly guid s m vety nervous since I was almost got fainted twice today.


    1. just donot worry… keep cool….first thing u need is to go for an x ray…. to rule out the level of disease… ie cervicle spondylosis….then u need to consult a physiotherapy for the same and need to check out ur daily posture during work and sleep so as to get recover soon… in ayurveda …. u can start with Tab Bolvati.. two tablet twice a day with one cup of milk… and chardiripu vati tablet… two tablet twice a day after meals with plain water………for physio suggestion u can forward ur complain…after an x ray to


  12. Sir, My sister, age-26, facing the sever pain from neck to solder, for which she is contact doctors and took the medication, but not getting any kind of relief,
    please suggest some method, or help me in to this concern.

    thanks & regards,
    krishan singh bisht
    mob:- 9873359033
    email:- krish_25in@rediffmail.com


    1. pain from neck to shoulder…so seems cervicle problem primarily…send me details of investigation and treatment she is taking/gone through on rajshrotriya@gmail.com, to guide ur sister accordingly……….till then she can start with an ayurvedic tab Bolvati…. two tablet twice a day with one cup of milk………


  13. namaste.i am 50 years old.I have been suffering from hyperthyroidism since2009 and on regular medication.In my doctors opinion, i have to live with regular checkups and drugs for rest of my life recently after painful 15 days MRI revealed survical spondlysis too.I am in greif.pl help.


    1. no need to worry or….go in grief… just cheer up….u have not meintioned the level of thyroid as well as the dosage of medicine u take… still u start with the below medicine….and then after forward me the investigative reports of thyroid as well as cervicle spondylosis… moreover i wud advise to visit a physiotherapist…. for ur cervicle spondylosis problem…..
      the treatment… Varunadi Kadha liq…2 spoon + bhunimbadi kadha liq… 3 spoon..+ five spoon lukewarm water early morning empty stomach.
      Keishore guggul 1 tab + Kanchnar guggul 1 tab…. take both tablet early morning empty stomach with lukewarm water along with the above liq….
      Avipattikar tab…. two tablet twice a day with plain water after meals.
      Rasayan tab.. one tablet thrie a day after meals with plain water.


  14. Hello sir,
    iam ruveba,my father is 58years old.He is suffering from cervical spondylosis(diagnosed 3months ago) .Because of this,he is suffering with severe dizziness even not able to move,weakness and most important his blood pressure is getting high with no control even after taking medicines preferred by his consultant doctor.plz suggest,further what should we do?


    1. ruveba,
      i do not know what kind of treatment ur father is undergoig… but if its not herbal… then i wud suggest u to visit an ayurvedic doctor nearby you… and start the treatment no… matter u can continue alongwith the present one….
      Most important…. visit a physiotherapist… and start with physiotherapy treatment without fail……….


  15. Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article!
    It is the little changes which will make the greatest changes.
    Thanks a lot for sharing!


  16. I am 42years old suffering from last3years cevicalspondlysis problem in c3c4c4c5rightside and very pain always make in body of right side and checking report of M R I Is mild stage and no arthritis but I consult to you for tritmantofcarvicalspandiolysis old provide procedure of tritmantofcarvicalspandiolysis from hemanta sarmah Guwahati assam


    1. dear Hemanta… Physiotherapy treatment is most essential aspect in treating cervicle spondylosis…..So consult a physiotherapy first… and follow according .. regarding herbal treatment u need to let me know wether u r under any medcation for ur problem…


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