Cancer – Challenge it – Never Surrender

Cancer is one of the most dreadful diseases of present century. So many efforts have been taken yet but successes are still far, that’s why terror of disease is bigger than disease. However due to sincere hard work done by all branches of medical science, some concepts develop and little bit light seen in treatment process of cancer. Development of Cancer and developments of placental origin like human, animals are similar. When Shukra and Shonit are met in uterus and convert in to single cell. Regular multiple divisions in this cell are base of human structure. These developments provide a particular shape of human. Same type of development happens in Cancer. Previous development is controlled, natural and it is stop after particular limits but second one is uncontrolled, unnatural and unstoppable. This type of uncontrolled growth is called Cancer. In the natural multiple division process one cell produces same type of cells. It is not possible to differentiate them. If cell is producing different nature of cells then it is also in Cancer category.
‘Cancer’ – this word is not available in any of Ayurvedic texts. As per guide line given by our Acharya that names are not important to identify any of diseases. Important is Dosh – Dushya status in disease. In Ayurvedic texts, there are many words that have similar meaning as Cancer and similar diseases/symptoms which are match with characteristic of Cancer. As acharya Sushruta described that from musti prahar on particular site result is the swelling, it is dushit mansajanya shoth (infected swelling or growth). There is no pain on site and effected area is smooth, hard and non-movable (fixed). Non vegetarian persons who have consuming excess fats are main victim. If it is spread up to marmasthan (vital organ), involvement of Raktvaha srotas and Lasikavaha srotas and without any movement, it is makes difficulties to treat (Asadhaya). There are references that in the ancient time specialists were available to treat this type of disease as mentioned below
Various synonyms like Shoth, Granthi, Arbud, Apachi, Gulma, and Vidhradi are found in ancient texts.

Prevalence of Disease
Cancer spread all over the world. Each & every types of humankinds are victim of this disease especially non vegetarian. In India it is one of the most dangerous diseases after heart disease and diabetes. It is exist in every part of the country. Every religion, every cast’s peoples are suffer from it, lack of education, low awareness and negligence by individuals are the reason behind it. It is very difficult to identify in early stage. When primary stage is passed then it is not easy to treat and there are very few option in treatment, that’s make it dangerous diseases.

Reason – Hetu
The person who are regular touch with carcinogenic factors like Alcohol, Tobacco, Non veg., spicy food etc. or factors which are irritating cells. Again and again irritation of cells is the cause of the unnatural growth. Some of causes identify by modern scientist are as follows: [4]
1. Hereditary cause
2. Vkrut aahar – vihar
3. Pollutions
4. Low immunity power
5. Regular irritation of internal & external part of the body
6. Continue consumption of carcinogenic drugs like – Tobacco, Supari, Smoking, Long time particular hormones or modern medicine consumption, Air mixed with chemicals, and non-vegetarian food

Ayurvedic View
Acharya Sushruta describe characteristic of Arbuda that, aggregation of vatadi dosha vitiated mamsa & rakta dhatu. It is rounded, stiff, with little bit pain, wide & deep spread in base, slow progress and it will be never getting pakaavastha. This type of gland of mamsa is called Arbuda.
Same was verify by Acharya Charak, as –
Copy of 2

And we can find similar description in modern science. So, it is quite clear that ancient Acharyas had knowledge about Cancer.

Prognosis in Ayurved
As per Ayurved whenever aggravated Dosha hit to any type of infected swelling or swelling related disease, with associate of Aam and because of Vikruti Vishama Samvet dosha Sammurchana symptoms arises like Cancer. Name and type of Cancer is depending on which organ of body & Dhatus are affected. Because of some internal or external causes all Doshas get vitiated. These vitiated Doshas lead to low Dhatvagni and they reside at srotas of related Dhatu with shoth (swelling). Aam increase this vitiation. It is specialty of dhatvagni that Dhatu who have low agni, got vikrut vridhi. So, it is quite clear from above description that it can be treated as per status of hetu, dosh, dushaya, samprapti, stages & symptoms. Similar principle applied on Cancer.
The pathogenesis (Samprapti) can be easily explained by the flow chart given:
Causative of Ahar – Vihar + Tridosh vitiated Ahar – Vihar
Tridosh aggression
Jathragnimandh & Dhatvagnimandh

Vikrut vrudhi of dhatu
Visham samveta dosha dushya sammurachana

Ayurvedic Management
In Ayurved two types of treatment describes i.e. Shodhan Chikitsa & Shaman Chikitsa. Shodhan chikitsa preferably use for removal of vitiated doshas from arising area. As per Ayurvedic texts cancer is a serious Dhatugat disease. Almost all dhatus involvements are there. It is difficult condition to treat. So, to reach in the depth of dhatu shodhana chikitsa is required. It should be use as per condition of disease and patient. Raktamokshan (Bloodletting), Shalya Karma (Surgery) and Agnikarma (Heat Burn therapy) are especially beneficial in this disease. These all procedures remove infected part or control the abnormal growth of particular site. After shodhan therapy Dhatus are relived from Dosha and then shaman chikitsa should be carried forward for the equilibrium of Doshas. There are some useful herbal drugs as described in Ayurvedic texts which control the abnormality of growth and provide the symptomatic relief. Cow urine therapy cocept is also a porpular concept for treatment of cancer in Indian amongst people and many encouraging results have be observed in several cases. Though any kind of treatment as such should be undergone in the supervision of a doctor.
Still there is a definite need to use these drugs in various formulations to establish therapeutic efficacy to conquer this challenging disease. There are need to conduct authentic research, that should be based on principal of Ayurveda and mentioned drugs or formulation can be trial on mass number of individuals.

Hair Fall – Ayurveda View and remedy

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84 thoughts on “Cancer – Challenge it – Never Surrender

  1. Sir I hv an leukoplakai in my tounge and homeopathy doctor told me to quite as soon as possible tobacco .and. My mouth is not openly properly .could I drink cow ark or direct cow urine .plz suggest me sir


  2. I have guitted tabbaco from last 2 years but still afraid of oral cancer report are normally any ayurved medicine to prevent oral problem in coming years


    1. no medicine for fear. as you have already quitted tobbaco so just congrats and be happy. the very important positive thing you have done in your life. So just enjoy you life instead of thinking about it dear.
      if you have any issues locally in your mouth just take is easy and visit your nearby doctor to reslove it. thats it.
      wish you a healthy happy life friend.


  3. Dear Sir, My father is having stomach cancer detected 1 year back. I am taking ayurvedic medicines since year but still growth is as ususal and currently he is not able to digest any thing and food comes in vomit.

    I am taking medicines from one village near gujart who claims that they are providing goumoutra ark and other but still the condition has worsen in last one year.

    Kindly suggest good names in gujarat where i can consult. I lives in Rajkot Gujarat.


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