Can Ayurveda Harm US ?


Below is something every one should know concerning present AYURVEDA.

@  Ayurveda believes that the entire plant is beneficial, the moment you isolate the active molecule to      make a drug, it ceases to be ayurveda.

@  Like allopathy, it is illegal, I would say not proper to advertise ayurvedic medicines.
@  Massages are only a part of the preparatory stage of the process of ayurvedic treatments.
@  The government of india provides a GMP (good manufacturing practice) certification to manufacturers who follow the norms.
@  Ancient ayurvedic texts explain methods to prevent disease treat illnesses and promote health, however nearly 97% of patients visiting ayurvedic hospitals are dealing with chronic illnesses and auto-immune  disorders. naturally young practitioners have more practical knowledge dealing with such ailments   making ayurveda most beneficial for chronic lifestyle disorders.
@  Eeverything herbal is not ayurveda, only those which follows texts written thousands of years ago.
@  ‘certified doctor’ means a bachelor of ayurvedic medicine & surgery (bams) from a university approved by the central council of indian medicine (ccim). with practitioners of the system differing on benchmarks of clinical scrutiny, it is important to beware that under the holistic ayurvedic umbrella there   may also be the unscrupulous ‘doctor’ making a quick buck.
@   “Ayurveda has no side effects, may not be entirely true. “ayurveda offers treatments with minimum side  effects.” Or you can say the side effects is ayurveda are not at least life threatening.
 @  If manufacturers modify an ayurvedic product, it becomes a proprietary medicine, which demands clinical trials, tests for toxicity, safety and efficacy.
@  Mass produced generic ayurvedic medicines is a compromise. The philosophy believes that treatment varies according to individual constitution. Prakriti or constitution has no bearing say dependency on manufacturing and the medicines are entirely disease-targeting.
@  Very few ayurvedic medicines do use herbo-mineral compounds, however ethical manufacturers do make sure that these are processed and purified as mentioned in the texts. in a majority of them metals are never added; they are those that are present in the environment as a result of increasing soil and water    pollution, traces of which may even be present in the vegetables and fruits we consume routinely. All  ayurvedic medicines exported now require mandatory “heavy metals under permissible limits” certification methods of clinical trials and benchmarks of cure for allopathic/ synthetic drugs may not be acceptable to ayurvedic practitioners and vice versa. This is due to the difference in the perceptions and philosophies of the two systems. much of the problem will ease out with strict standardization    procedures.

       Thus today question wther ayurveda is harmful or not depeds on whom you go to for the treatment

      Ayurveda may or may not harm us, but ayurveda is definitely being harmed.




3 thoughts on “Can Ayurveda Harm US ?

  1. Here is a website I have found information that is easy to understand.–z–Learn-about.aspx

    Take their Dosha test, it is fun. Then once you know your Dosha you design a plan that includes herbs, diet, etc. It has helped me.

    One product I take everyday is Nature’s Formulary Chyawanprash. It is tasty and really helps my energy level and immune system


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    Rick Roux


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