Prostate -BPH??? -Ayurveda Helps

Benign prostatic hypertrophy is swelling of prostate gland. The prostate is a walnut sized gland that is only present in men. It is located just below the bladder and top of the penis. This gland surrounds the urethra (the tube through which urine flows from the bladder and out through the penis).

                It is a very astonishing fact to know that the condition bph has been explained in ayurveda long back. The anatomical position of prostate gland, symptoms of bph and its remedies are explained by acharya sushruta.

                The anatomical position of prostate gland is described in ayurvedic classics as follows. in yogaratnakara it has been described as –

                “naabheradhasthaatsanjaatha sanchaari yadi vaachalaha
                ashteelaavad ghano granthiroodhwar maayata unnataha”

                Which means “ below umbilicus (naabhi), there is a hard gland which is little bit bulged and changes its place some times and some times stays stationary. this gland is like “ashteela” (a small stone used to sharpen swords). This gland when affected by vitiated vata causes a disease called “vataashteela” (or benign prostate hypertrophy).

Sushruta explains the structure , anatomical position of prostate gland and symptoms of bph as follows.

                “shacranmaargasya basheshcha vaayurantaramaashritaha
                ashteelaavadghanam granthimmoordhvamaayata munnatam”

                Which means – the place between rectum and bladder is occupied by vitiated vata it affects the easy flow of urine, stools and semen by enlarging the gland “ ashteela”.

                The prostate gland enlarges in all men as age advances. Bph is very common and affects one third of men who are over 50. A person suffering from bph does not have the increased risk of prostate cancer.

Functions of prostate gland

                One of the main functions of the prostate is to produce a fluid, which contribute to the liquid portion of semen and this liquid allows the sperm to move freely. The gland is divided into peripheral, transitional and central zone. The overgrowth takes place in central zone which leads to bph.

                Effects of bph prostate gland surrounds urethra. When prostate gland enlarges, it constricts the urethra reducing the urine flow. The emptying of bladder becomes very difficult because of this.

Causes of bph according to present medical concepts the actual cause of prostate enlargement is unknown. But the causes of bph are very well explained in ayurveda which is based on tridosha theory.The causes of vataashteela or bph are explained as follows.

Vataashteela is caused by vitiated vayu and apaana vayu ( a subcategory of vayu). (apaana vayu is located in two testicles, urinary bladder, phallus, umbilicus, thighs, groins, anus and colon. Functions of apana vaayu are ejaculation of semen, voiding of urine, stools, elimination of menstrual blood and expulsion of fetus.)

The vitiation of vayu and apaana vayu is caused by
@ controlling the urge of urination
@ controlling the urge of defecation
@ over indulgence in sex.
@ consuming dry, very cold and less quantity of food
@ old age
@ general weakness
@ indigestion
@ physical and mental overexertion.

symptoms of bph
@ difficulty in starting to pass urine ( hesitancy ),
@ a weak stream of urine,
@ dribbling after urinating
@ the need to strain to pass urine,
@ incomplete emptying of bladder.
@ difficulty to control the urination urge.
@ having to get up several times in the night to pass urine,
@ feeling a burning sensation when passing urine.
@ passing urine mixed with blood (indication of infection)

symptoms of vatashteela are described as follows.

                “vinmutraanila sangascha tannadmaanamcha jaayate
                vedanaa cha paraa bastou vaatashteeleti taam viduhu

the vitiated ashteela gland when enlarged is called as “vatashteela”. This enlarged gland causes

obstruction to easy flow of urine.
obstruction to easy passage of stools and gas
bloating of stomach.
pain in bladder.

when the above mentioned symptoms are noticed then one should seek proper medical advice.


A digital rectal examination will be performed to examine the size of prostate by inserting a finger into the rectum. A distended bladder can be felt per abdomen. Ultra sound examination will be done to determine the amount of urine left in the bladder after urination. Routine urine test will be done to rule out infections.

a prostate gland tissue may be collected using a needle to check for cancerous cells.

ayurveda tips for self-care

if symptoms are mild, the following methods can be tried for relief:


Vata gets vitiated when natural urges are controlled. Hence do not control the natural urge of passing urine. urinate when you first get the urge.

Go to the bathroom even if you do not have urge after certain interval of time.

Alcohol, tobacco, coffee increase vata and vitiate it. Hence avoid alcohol, tobacco and coffee, especially after dinner.

Vata gets normalized and vitiation comes down when body is warm. This can be accomplished with regular exercises and keeping the body warm.

Mental exertion leads to increase of vata.

Avoid mental exertion at work place and at home.

Avoid foods which cause constipation as constipation causes vitiation of vata..

Other general tips

Avoid drinking fluids from two hours before going to bed.
Avoid cold and cough medications that contain decongestants or antihistamines. These medications can increase bph symptoms.
Avoid drinking excess amount of liquids. Distribute the intake of fluids throughout day.


bph can be prevented by

1.Consuming low fat diet
2.Including lots of fiber in diet ( fruits and vegetables which are rich in fiber).
3.Visiting your family physician as soon as you notice any symptoms while passing urine.

Apart from these many effective herbal remedies have been mentioned in sushruta samhita and yogaratnakara.

26 thoughts on “Prostate -BPH??? -Ayurveda Helps

  1. Hello doctor, Myself Chintan Desai, 32 from Surat… Since last 2 years i have been suffering from BPH and since 5 years from IBS… I have been suffering from weak urine flow, lower back pain, Gas at night so cant sleep more than 3 hours at night, also have multiple infections, have moderate left Varicocele and Did Uroflowmetry with post void of 500 ml , many tests icluding Urine culture, CT SCAN, Barium Enema, Urethrogram, Cystourethrogram… All went Normal… Right now i am taking Urimax 0.4 and finast 5 mg at night since 2 months, but it isnt giving me proper relief… If you allow then i cana lso send you the reports.. Besides i am of PITTA prakriti, very skinny with 55 kg weight. Can i take gomutra as many have advised me not to tke because of its hot property and ability to lose weight. I am very much tired due to lack of sleep. Please give me advice and remedies. Thank you


  2. Sir is there a panchkarma treatment for prostate enlargement my husband is planning to get admitted and take treatment in one of the ayurveda hospital


  3. Dear sir, first of all thanks for this type of mind opening blogs. My father has very big size of p.Gland. I have shown him in Apollo in Visakhapatnam. They are saying that he must go through surgery, but my father is afraid of this. He thinks that his gland can have cancerous cells and after operation it can spread to entire body and finally …. Sir is there any way to have medication from you which can shrink the size of his enlarged gland. My mail ID is Any cost i will pay for this kind hearted support. My no. is 7032485083.


    Ranvijay Kumar


  4. I have Bacterial infection in prostare.
    Symptoms :
    1) frequent urination
    2) urine obstruction
    3) no irritation ,no pain
    4) post void 440ml pre void 220ml

    Could you prescribe me ayurvedic medicine ?


    1. gokhrukadha liquid….three spoon + Gojihvadi kadha 2 spoon…+ seven spoon lukewarm water early morning empty stomach….
      Kanchnaar guggul tab… two tab.. crush them and take with above liq… + lukewarm water
      Chandraprabhvati tab.. one tab.. in breakfast.. with water
      tribhvan kirti ras tab… one tab twice a day after meals with plain water…after meals
      Manjistahdi ghanvati…tab.. one tab twice a day with plain water..after meals
      Samsmanivati tab.. two tab .. twice a day with plain water after meals
      respond me after twenty five days


  5. First i suffered urine infection on 20 june 2014.confirmed by urine test. after medication of 10-15 days feel normal and stop taking elopathy medicine. Again after 2-3 days that symptom ocured feeling cold body pain & fever on the advice of doctor made urine culture and accordingly taken medicine for another 15 days .Again stopping medicine infection started. Then consult with a Urologist and get ultrasound of the prescribed portion find prostate is ok. then doctor predict it as prostate infection and taking medicine since last 2.5 months it is under control but when i suffer from cold i feel some irretation at time of urine but not so worried. Sir my concern is I want to treat it by ayurveda process & cure permanently I do not take any type of alchol or any adicition having sound health . pl. advice medicine.


  6. I suffer from BPH for 3-4 yrs. I am presently taking tab alfuzocin10mg in morning and tab tamsulosin 0.4 mg at night .as per urologists advise plus i am also taking tab chandraprabha wati & tab gokshuradi , both 2 tab twice after food., since quite some time. I hv also started taking Cow ‘s urine of gita bhawan , 5-10 ml wd half glass of water at night 1 hr after dinner & Alovera juice 10 ml +amla juice 10 ml in morning immediately after getting up.My PSA is 1.25 done in 2012.
    I feel problem in starting the act of micturition esp in night for quite some time now.The stream is also poor , at times but it is good at times.Please advise anything i can do further ,in any aspect thru my email.I m myself a doctor.Thanks


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  8. hello doctor, I have been identified with underactive bladder and few test such as uroflowmetry and urodynamics had been done, I am having problem with the flow of the urine, dribbling and frequent urination , as if my bladder is not empty everytime. I am 41 , non-diabetic , healthy person but have to seat for 8 hrs. in front of computer . I am under medication but with little help, kindly guide me.


  9. Its very nice and great of you doctor that you have brought forth that BPH is mentioned in Ayurveda, since the times of Sushurata.

    Even more interesting is the fact that the causes are described in Ayurveda.

    Its a pity that in the land of Ayurveda – the system is not being maintained, whereas a much recent primarily symptomatic based system is blindly being followed by the Indian Government


    1. old is gold. time will come when ayurveda would be back in golden era. but i fear till then what happen of nature till then. but still its never too late. nice to see u supporting ayurveda


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