Anti ANXIETY Ayurvedic Drugs


This category of medicine contains drugs that have tendency to calm down a person suffering from anxiety or stress due to any internal or external cause. This is particularly used to control the psychosomatic disorders and phobias. The general use of ant-anxiety drugs is meant to control the tension up to severe phobias. The stage of anxiety or tension can be characterized as the reaction to the stress, danger that can be real or imaginary. The patient is having fast pulse, excess sweating, trembling, fatigue, and weakness. There may be thirst also. Certain cases that are advance stages of anxiety are epilepsy, pregnancy cases, panic disorders, and phobias. The early stages of anxiety disorders are treated easily by using the anti anxiety drugs and counseling but for complicated cases the prolonged treatment under the observation is required. For this purpose of treatment the anti-anxiety category drugs are used.
The anxiety disorders may be classified as, panic conditions, the social phobia, the obsessive-compulsive disorders and general anxiety conditions. The symptoms of the disorders are not seen in an isolated manner. In common the patient is having the syndrome of symptoms and they are complicated. The rare cases are seen with patient having symptoms of single disorder.
Normally the patient is having depression suffer with other complications too. The patient is relieved  from the acuteness of the symptoms and the consistency of normal conditions is maintained by the use of drugs and behavior therapy. In ayurvedic classical texts the description of the anxiety disorders is seen in the bhootvidya (psychiatric) segment. The basic definition of health in ayurveda is a state of physical and mental well-being.
Ayurveda states that the emotional disorders as well as mental state of a patient must be balanced and should be in equilibrium. The reason behind the anxiety disorders in ayurveda is pragya apradh (the unhealthy adaptation of physical and mental type leading into the mental imbalance). The improper diet and life style that leads the disturbed state of mind causes the negative feelings that overwhelm the mind. This is termed as manovaha strota vyadhi (the disease of mental condition. The unmaad (hysteria) and apasmaar (epilepsy) are the diseases described in ayurveda.
The root cause for these disorders are purva janmakrtia (sins of the previous birth), viruddha ahaar vihaar (improper diet, overindulgence in sex, over stress), and the graha avesha (astrological and occult reasons). The pathology of the anxiety disorders in ayurveda is due to the vikriti of manovaha strota due to vata.
The basic line of treatment in ayurveda for this disease is to eliminate the vata dushti (reason). For this the nasya therapy (inhalation therapy) is used as the ayurveda suppose the nasal cavity as entrance of the brain. The anxiety disorders and the symptoms described in the classical ayurvedic text are nearly the same with those of modern sciences. The symptoms in anxiety disorders can be divided into physical symptoms and mental symptoms.
The physical symptoms are the consistent condition of the reflex action that body shows in cases of danger like increased pulse, heartbeat, hot or cold flashes, stiffed muscles, stomach pain, nausea, dizziness, headache, insomnia. The mental symptoms seen in the patient are restlessness, behavior problems, nervousness, imaginary fear, hyperactivity, and confusions.
The common symptoms seen in the anxiety disorders are insomnia, some times loss of memory, nervine weakness, unrest, and more specific symptoms like convulsions and phobias are there in advance stages. The causes behind anxiety disorders are either physiological like hormonal imbalance adrenal, thyroid, hypoglycemia, insomniac conditions as well as chronic disease. There are certain other reasons like drug dependency upon certain category drugs amphetamines, respiratory medications, hormones, withdrawal from benzodiazepines. The modern sciences treat the anxiety disorders by drug therapy and behavior therapy.
The behavior therapy is the first stage to control the anxiety disorders. In this therapy, the patient is exposed to the causes in a controlled environment so that they may get adapted and gain self-control to fight such conditions. The basic ideology of this is to change the basic thinking pattern by regular consoling and observations. This counseling therapy is normally taking 14 to 20 weeks. This is the best way to control the anxiety disorders.
The anti-anxiety drugs from allopathic aspect in general are sedatives like benzodiazepines, azapirones and antidepressants. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors commonly abbreviated as ssri and others like tricyclic antidepressants beta-blockers. The most of these drugs when taken for a continuous therapy creates dependency and produces side effects as well as withdrawal symptoms.
The ayurvedic line of treatment for the anxiety disorders is the use of herbs and medicines, nasya (inhalation therapy), mantra (occult rituals), and achaar vichaar (life style modification).
The herbs used as anti-anxiety drugs are sarpagandha, khus, jatamansi, bramhi, kevada, vacha, tagar, amla, and rose. the medhya (brain tonics /intellect improvisers) category drugs are used to balance the loss of concentration, memory, and insomniac disturbances. The nervine tonics like ashvagandha and bala are used to strengthen the nervous system. the choorna of single and multiple combinations are used. Like saraswat choorna, tagaradi choorna and ashvagandhadi choorna, and single drug choorna like vacha choorna, jatamansi choorna are used. along with these medicines the rasayana preparation brahmi rasayana, ghrita (ghee based medicines) like maha paishachik ghrita, panchagavya ghrita, puran ghrita, and brahmi ghrita are given to the patient.
The fermentation preparations like saraswatarishta, balarishta are used. The rasa (mercuric) preparations like krishna chaturmukh ras, unmad gajkesari ras and smriti sagar ras are frequently used in anxiety disorders. The anti convulsant used for aptantrakari vati, and svarna bhasma (calcinated ash of gold). The oil-based medicines used are dhanvantaram oil; mahanarayana oil. the confectionary based preparation is errand paka.
For controlling the insomniac conditions the jatamansi kwath (decoction) and madananand modak (big shaped sugar mixed pill) are described as anti-anxiety drugs. The herb brahmi (bacopa monari) is a good anti anxiety medicine and have good anti stress property (see- bacopa monari). The jatamansi herb is also a good sedative and is safe, as it doesn’t perform the dependency. On the other hand the sedative from the modern sciences are very much likely to produce dependency and withdrawal symptoms.
The regular use of brahmi medicated oil on scalp at bedtime and inhalation is a better preventive measure to avoid the anxiety disorders.

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713 thoughts on “Anti ANXIETY Ayurvedic Drugs

  1. ok, so my genuine advise is if u have any good ayurvedic clinic or hospital nearby u…. u need to go there and take panch karma treatment……. i hope that wud reslove most of the issues….
    Dr.Rajesh Shrotriya,
    Regarding your genujine advice,kindly advice what is the best duration period for effective Panchkarma
    one should go for choosing from a tailormade programmes available with different centres ie. 3 days,7 days
    maximum to 21 days?


    1. Thanks for the compliments.
      Short programmes of panchkarma are just temporary solutions of the diseases. So i would advise you to go for a complete programme of 21 days.

      get well soon


  2. Dr.Rajesh Shrotriya,

    No doctor is with such a big heart as you are,such a bulk type stop help for the needy patients,seeing this first time in reality.God Bless you Doctor.You have hinted that Panchakarma is the cure
    for all ailments.Most of centers are offering short term panchkarma for duration of 7/10 to maximum 21 days,can you please guide for effective panchakarma how many days treatment is necessary?


  3. Dr. Rajesh Shrotriya, Good noon!

    I came across this of your page while searching alternative solution to Ellopath medicicine Soltus which is an anti-anxity medicine. Hope you will read my problem and give me a solution.

    I have gone thru your material on this page. Actually I am not the sufferer, my wife is suffering from schizophrenia from last 8-9 years.

    About my wife and me:

    My self a post graduate in Statistics based in Delhi. My Present age 50yrs. My Wife BA,B.ed from Simla Present age 45yrs.

    We married on 4th Oct 1992. It was an arranged marriage. Our one and only one daughter took birth on 19th August 1993 presently studying MBA in Gurgaon.

    Starting days – 1st 6-8 months smooth, after that things started going bad, behavior of my wife towards me and my family was not good, my office also become irregular, we separated from our family and started living in gurgaon on rented accommodation – this happened 5-6 months after birth of my daughter (1994 say). There also behavioral problems started with neighbors and others. I complained to my inlaws also but they always thought that it is a family problem and will be settled after sometime.

    Altogether the problem was caught by her brother in 2008 when she went to her hometown in Simla, her brother is also an MBBS doctor, being a doctor when he noticed her behavior towards other family members and maid working in house, then he decided that immediate medication is required.

    In 2009 she got forcefully admitted into IHBAS Delhi – got medicated, started resperidone but not responded well so kept on changing the medicines, and since then there is 100% behavior change but with side effect of breathlessnes feeling, higher pulse/heart rate at the time of evening, panic attacks sometime.

    Now Medicine Soltus 100Mg Day Night is given from last 3-4 years regularly with 0.5mg clonazipam when feeling of breathlessness is there, but this feeling is a regular feature and happens 2-3 times in a day.

    I need any solution from your side so that Soltus is reduced and stopped at the end and some Ayurveda medicine should take care of her so that she should not have any kind of side effect and start living a healthy life.

    This too I started searching just because 3 days before there was a bit of panic attack like thing so I took her to my local doctor, he gave her Sumenta and ayurveda medicine for three days (morning eve), today is third day and I feel she is better condition.

    Need a stable solution from you.

    Awaiting your reply.
    Best Regards,
    Ajay Suri


    1. start with
      Pippalimool churna-50gm + Yastimadhu churna-30gm + Vacha churna-20gm + Jatamansi churna-20gm(Any Pharma) mix all the four powders. Take five pinch powder of prepared combination at night while going to sleep with half cup lukewarm milk.
      respond me with details on


  4. Dear sir,
    I am from pune. My age is 38 years. I am suffering from severe anxiety disorder, Fear and Panic attack since last 8 years. Currently I am taking Escitalopram and Amisulpride tablets every day. I am taking allopathic medicines since 2008. I have some relief but not completely cure.
    Is there any permanent cure for it in ayurveda?
    My symptoms are as below –
    Bechani and Ghabrahat and extreme stressed
    Burning sensation in whole body
    Excessive anxiety since my focus remains on head, Chest & stomach burning sensation.
    A rapid and irregular heart beat (Heart rate palpitations) and Muscle tension.
    Frequently need to go for latrine because of some hidden fear
    Loss of appetite because of some hidden fear and anxiety
    Unable to sleep because of some hidden fear and anxiety
    Unable to focus in my office work and just think about my health and fear only
    Becomes excessive anxious and fearful when above point happens
    I feel fearful with no obvious reason. I feel extreme anxiety, fear and worry for my heath & mind condition.
    No matter what I do, I can’t get my mind off my problems.
    Difficulty in concentrating on my office work because of ongoing fear and worries.
    Body temperature becomes high and feeling like fever. Chest tightness. Burning sensation.
    I feel less interest in activities that I normally used to enjoy.

    I am taking allopathic medicines since 2008. I have some relief but not completely cure.
    Sir please help me and suggest Ayurvedic medicines for my above problem.


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  6. mai 10-12 sal tak ocd(thought), ki mariz thi, ab bhi mai akeli badcd karati ho aur aaine me dekhakar bolati hu_ kabhi akeli hasati aur rnti hu, chidchid karati hu mai kya karu


  7. Hello sir, me 27 saal ka hu, 3 saalse mujhe
    Anxiety aur depression ki medicine shuru he, shurwat me panic attack ate the, ab thoda normal ho gaya hu, ab mujhe stalopam lite aur metpure xl 50 medicine shuru he, lekin ab bhi dar mehsus hota rehta hair, khi akele janese darta hu, plzz sir mujhe isase bahar nikaliye….
    Email id-


  8. I’m 27 years old when I was 13 years old I got tuberculosis and started medication TB for 6 months,eptoin for 3.5 years after that I got full headache haven’t used any medicine after 2 years I used felizsplus its ok my headache was good no issues.since 3 month’s I’m feeling stomachache,leg,hand,jaw pains unable to concentrate on my parents are looking for marriage am I eligible for marriage.currently I’m using ayurveda medicines miobip,mentant,ulcer syrup morning and night.please suggest me anxiety will be curable or not I’m worried about my health please advise me.

    Mail id


    1. Dont worry.
      just add this to your treatment and respond me after twenty days.
      Pippalimool churna-50gm + Yastimadhu churna-30gm + Vacha churna-20gm + Jatamansi churna-20gm(Any Pharma) mix all the four powders. Take five pinch powder of prepared combination at night while going to sleep with half cup lukewarm milk.


  9. Sir mera name manish hai or me deoghar jharkhand me rhta hu.sir mere hanth or pair me bhut pasina ata hai jiske karn me kisi se hath nhi mila skta mujhe apne ap me bhut sarminda mehsus hota hai. Plz plz plz sir mere is bimari ka ilaz bataiye plzzz


    1. pasina jyada ana woh ek tarah ka systemic disorder hein or thik ho jata hein. isme sarminda hone ki koi baat hi nahi hein. aap apne najdiki ayurveda doctor se samparak karke iski vidivat chikitsa karvaye. yah sampoortaya thik ho jayega.


  10. I am 24 and I was prescribed by the doctor for alprozolam for my anxiety and depression issues, i researched on the medication and found that its addictive so i dint wana have it (i generally try avoiding medication ). The doctor then prescribed me escitalopram for depression. And during the course of my doctors visit I started to have brahmi for couple of weeks and it actually helped me in my memory which was getting worse due to anxiety (im guessing). But I’m just concerned if I can continue having barhmi (bacopa) and try my other medication escitalopram. I actually don’t even wana have the other medication but I have severe mood swings, and unhappiness n low feeling most of time. So if you can help me out on this.


    1. yes you can continue with brahmi.
      If you really wish to get rid of escitlopram you can start with
      Pippalimool churna-50gm + Yastimadhu churna-30gm + Vacha churna-20gm + Jatamansi churna-20gm(Any Pharma) mix all the four powders. Take five pinch powder of prepared combination at night while going to sleep with half cup lukewarm milk.
      you can intially go for an alternate day dosage. ie. one day escitalopram and the other day the above mixture. once you start feeling better you need to slowly withdraw the tablet and continue with the above combination. update me after twenty days.


  11. sir i have not recieved ur reply here and also through email….waited for ur rply atlast so i m continuing with my old medicines anyways tanx….got to know dat m not the only one suffering from social anxiety bt der r many..


  12. My name is haresh zende m suffering from social anxiety and fearness from last 3 yrs.I don’t like going out coz i fear people are judging me and looking at me.Currently m taking 2 tabs of brahmi and 2 tabs of ashwagandha of Organic India and 3 tabs of himalaya Mentat all the above tabs 2 times a day after meal.Will this medicine help me in curing social anxiety beside medicine m regular to GYM for exercise and also sometime i do YOGA.
    Plz rply to me sir i need ur help


  13. DR .
    M suffering for social anxiety dissorder from 3 yrs.I dont, have any medical problem its just started suddenly.I feel people are looking at me judging me and i fear going to social fucntion.Currently m taking ashwagnadha and brahmi 2 capsules each 2 times a day of organic india company.I go to gym and do reguar exercise.I want to get rid of this problem sir plz help me


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