ANAL Diseases?? Read This

anal disease
Anus is the excretory place from where the waste matter is thrown out of the body. Irregular daily routine and uncontrolled eating habits are the main causes for anal diseases. Fistula and piles are the two diseases related to anus that can be cured with utmost care and precautions. yog practice will be helpful and the patient will also get quick relief.

Fistula : Fistula is formed near the anal region and causes lot of pain. Camel riding, horse riding, sitting on one place for long duration or sitting on uneven surfaces and artificial sexual practices leads to fistula. in this condition, the lower part and anal region split from all the sides, the wounds starts bleeding and the patient is unable to sit because of continuous bleeding.

The patient has lot of problem in passing motions and suffers unbearable pain.

Medication through yog : Practice paschimottasana, ardhamatysendrasana, suptavajrasana, dhanurasana, hastpadotasana, halasana and sarvangasana daily. In pranayam practice kapalbhati, shitali and agnisar kriya to get permanent relief.

Ashvini mudra : practice ashvini mudra to get relief and cure. Anal portion should be contracted and released several times. The anal region will expand and contract and prevents blood accumulation in this region. Practice moolbandh along with this mudra.

Natural cure :

• Triphala should be boiled in the water, sieved with a fine cloth. Fistula should be cleaned with this water in order to kill the bacteria.

• Take five grams each of margosa leaves, clarified butter, honey, and turmeric and grind them. mix 20 grams of barley flour with water and spread the paste on a fine cloth and tie it around the fistula. Take jasmine leaves, banyan leaves, giloy, rock salt mix them in buttermilk and apply the paste on the fistula. The wound heals fast. take 100 grams of ankol oil and 25 grams of wax and heat it on the fire and take 3 grams of sal-ammoniac apply the paste to get relief from the pain.

• Take 10 grams of pomegranate bark, boil it in 200 grams of water, sieve it and wash the fistula with this water.

• Take five grams each of sesame, roots of recinus and moolethi and grind it with little milk. Apply the paste on fistula to relieve the pain.

• Take small arni roots, boil it in the water and make decoction. In 15 grams of decoctoin and 5 grams of honey and drink twice a day.

• Take 5 grams of swallowwort milk and 10 grams of turmeric, grind them and make a wick and apply it on the fistula.

• Wash fistula with detol water and apply margosa fruit oil on it.

• Take 5 grams each of turmeric, gooseberry juice and danti root, grind it and make a paste and apply on the fistula.

• Fine powder of daruhaldi should be mixed thoroughly with swallowwort milk and make a wick. when it is dried, apply it on the wound.

• To get relief from fistula, take a fine paste of margosa leaves and apply on the wound.

Piles : Piles occur due to indigestion and constipation or when constipation persists and stools become hard. Pressure has to be applied while passing motions; during this process bristles occur on the surface of the skin, which are known as piles. Liver disorder, consumption of liquor in excess leads to piles. dyspepsia, constipation, dysentery, pain in the navel region, tastelessness, itching sensation in anal region, bleeding while passing motion, swelling of the eyes, laziness, stomachache, pain in the legs and general weakness are some of the symptoms.

External piles : This is on the external side or surface of the anal region, there is not much pain in this type of piles. It persists for some years. often the stools become hard, pain and bleeding occurs. This process continues for one or two weeks and then suppresses.

Internal piles : This occurs about an inch inside anal region. The ailment is not known until red or black blood oozes out. The patient can become anemic and complain of swelling and pain also.

Yogic cure :

• Patients suffering from pain should practice utkatasan, ardhamatysendrasana, paschimottasana, suptavajrasana, dhanurasana, hastpadotasana, halasana and sarvangasana.

• Kapalbhati, shitali and agnisar kriya should be practiced.

• Ashvini mudra along with moolbandh should be practiced regularly.

Natural cure :

• Do not let constipation occur, before going to bed take one spoon of triphala churna with hot water.

• After passing the motion apply oil inside the anal region and massage. continue this regularly.

• Take a tubful of freshwater and keep the hip region inside water and sit for 10 minutes, this is known as katisnan or hipbath.

• Take leg bath twice a week with hot water till you perspire.

Food :

• Patients suffering from fistula or piles should consume similar type of food.

• Initially take only water with lemon juice, vegetables and fruit juices. radish leaves, radish juice is very good for curing piles.

• Spinach juice with honey, carrot, and cucumber, round gourd, bottle guard juice, decoction of wood apple,seasonal fruit juice, orange juice suppresses the piles and keeps the stomach clean.

• For two to three weeks take vegetables and salads at night. take milk with isabgol bran and consume vegetables and fruits in the daytime.

• Guava, papaya, orange and plum can be consumed. take bran flour and make chapattis and vegetable soup.

• For morning breakfast take milk and coarse meal and put bottle guard and carrots in coarse meal, sprouted kidney beans, cereals, raw or steamed onions, ginger, salad with lemon should be consumed. sometimes coarse meal along with milk can also be consumed. soak raisins, dry raisins, fig in the night, consume it in the morning this will help in purifying the blood and give energy. precautions

• Patients suffering from fistula and piles should not consume chillies; spices, sour items, tea, coffee or any type of drug.

• Eat only twice a day. when hungry take vegetable juice, fruit juice or fruits.

• Fried items or heavy items like potatoes, tube, ladies fingers and refined flour should not be consumed. medicinal treatment

• Take the neem fruits and grind them with basil roots to make a fine powder, mix it with buttermilk and consume. the ailment continuing from years will subside.

• Make 250 grams of curd from goat’s milk and let it set in the night. in the morning add 250 ml of carrot juice and consume. continue this process morning and evening. avoid salt or sugar. you can find the difference within a week.

• After lunch take butter milk one and half spoon of ajowan and one gram of rock salt and consume. the hemorrhoids will get healed.

• Make decoction of pomegranate skin and dry ginger powder and drink

Attention Pl. – The information at any place in this website is just on an informative basis as well as to create awareness among the people regarding their health and ecourage to adopt ayurveda in their routine life. Hence no one ever should take it as a forgranted treatment as such for any disesase and is always advised to contact his/her physician before using it in any way

The material in this blog is not intended to be prescriptive or to be construed as either legal or medical advice. Data contained herein that may  pertain to disease or medical terminology is for descriptive purposes only and no “attempt to cure” is intended or implied. Advice relative to disease should be used in cooperation with a doctor or one who understand nutrition. It is not the intent of the author to diagnose or prescribe. The intent is only to offer health information to help you cooperate with your doctor in your quest for health. In the event you use this information without your doctor’s approval,  you are prescribing for yourself, which is your constitutional right, but   the author assume no responsibility

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202 thoughts on “ANAL Diseases?? Read This

  1. Sir, i am suffering from anal fissure exterior and posterior both. I just got checked a week ago.he only suggested me diltizeum gel to apply and hot sitz bath. But my problem started almost 2 years back. But i was afraid to be checked. Year ago i suffer from pain during bowel moment and also few hours after. These days i am fine from pain and blood. But the problem is i got some protrution at the anal part. Surgeon told it won’t get away without surgery. Please suggest me if there is any alternative way to get rid of that skin tag. M 24 years old. I vl b getting married soon in a year or so. Before that i want to get rid of that.


  2. Sir I had been suffering from anal fissures from a long time. I had it diagnosed and finally undergone laser surgery. But after 2 months of the surgery, I once again have same sharp pain and blood in stools. The stools are also flattened . I have an habbit of going toilet three times a day. So it is really painful. I think applying ointment constantly is also not recommended. Sir plz suggest me .. whether to consult once again a laser surgeon or any other way. Plz suggest me…


  3. Doctor, had itchy anus from 2012., Got treated for piles,., After my pregnancy and delivery this became worse and I got operated last January. Still I have itchy anus, I couldn’t stop scratching. I get intermittent relief using tiripala decoction. Please advice. How to proceed.


  4. Sir , i was suffering by fistula , and then operated by kshar sutra , but after 3 or 4 weeks there is so much irritation and sometimes , there is alittle discharge of pus like the colour of water. What should i try to control this?


  5. sir what is gudhabramshamu..i hv fissure from last six months nw im using jatyadi is healing now but when i go to toilet some flesh is coming out from my ass hole afterthen i feel tight after finishing it go back to hole..sir plz suggest my problm


  6. hello sir i have fissure problem at my lower edgeof anus i usedto apply jattyadi oil now it is getting healed but at the time of bowelmoment some flesh is coming out from my ass that time waste will come from the side of the flesh aafterfinishing that will go.back in to hole..sir plz sugest me what is the problem


  7. hello sir.iam suffering from fissure at. the end of my anus i applied jatyadi oil on it and it getting heal now but at the time of bowel moment flesh is coming from anus hole.andshit is coming by the side of the flesh ..wtat is tje problem plz suggest me sir


    1. hi. bhaskar i would advise to visit any ayurvedic surgeon ie. shalya cikitsak immidiately. applying jatyadi oil wont cure it in total. so visit nearby doctor and take a complete treatment.


  8. Hello sir,
    I m suffering from piles from last 10-12days.
    In this,bleeding is not coming but its give pain and after applying force waste materials come in the way of anal nd in less quantity.
    There is a part of mass inside (out side not at the anal)anal.
    I having homeopathic medicine but not getting benefit what should I do?


    1. Dear friend,
      Avoid taking spicy and olily food.
      Take Cap Sunarin (Phyto Pharma) two cap thrice a day with plain water after meals for five days. after wards continue with two cap. twice a day.
      Tab Kanchnaar Guggul… two tab. crush them and take them with lukewarm water ealry morning empty stomach.
      Take the above for fifteen days and update me.


  9. sir, any temporary treatment as I am not able to take care of my 1 month old baby coz of immense pain..


  10. sir, I underwent with a caeserian delivery on sep 8, 2015. everything was fine but now since 10 days, I have a pain while passing stool and pain persists for 3-4 hours. my gynaecologist advised me to take Tab ciplox twice a day and apply anovate cream as she is doubting that there may be an anal fissure . I am taking this since 5 days but pain still persists. please advise. I don’t want to undergo with a surgery.


  11. Sir i am suffering from piles and i am compleated in operation before iam last one month onwards used in cremaffin tonic.if any side effects due to this.


    1. Chect out your diet. stop taking spicy and oily things. also donot sit at a place for longer period at a time.
      take Tablet Pilex…(himalya) two tablet twice a day for fifteen days and respond.


  12. …dear Dr
    you suggested kshar sutra for anal fistula ..but I want to know that what is the possibility of cure …I mean possibility of recurrence because i have heard that it appears again even after kshar sutra sutra and surgery ..please guide ..


    1. If ksharsutra treatment is taken in total the chances of reccurence is least. As ksharsutra treatment needs regular visits to doctors, some of them stop going to the doctor as they feel they are ok now and dont need treatment. So complete the treatment till the complete healing confirmed by doctor and later on just follow simple norms in diet. This help to avoid recurrence.


  13. Hi sir below my annus and above ny natal cleft there is some flesh is growing which is may be 0.5cm too small but some time it cause itching problem and pain so kindly please tell me what i do and idont want any kind of opoeration there is no ayurvedic docter in my town but i have a pilon cream which sometime relif my pain please sir tellme any kind of Ayurvedic medicine


    1. First thing i would advise to you is visiting an ayurvedic surgeon ie. shalya chikitsak and get diagnosed the exact thing. No need of an operation. But diagnosis is important. Are they external piles?
      regarding problem you are facing at present i would suggest to take Cap Sunarin (phyto Pharma) two cap twice a day after meals with plain water.


  14. Sir please tell every body about drinking cowghee in hot milk in morning and night for cure in fistula, I have read on internet that it is extremely beneficial. Please offer your comment


  15. Sir please tell every body about drinking cowghee inhot milk in morning and night for cure in fistula, I have read on internet that it is extremely beneficial. Please offer your comment


  16. sir meri age 26 hai muzhe 2 salo se fissure constipation or gas ki problem hai pet puri tarah se saaf nahi hota mene cow urine bhi try kiya lekin pet saaf hone ke baad jalan hoti hai
    please koi medicine batao…


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